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Democracy Rising 28: AI, Gossip, and Our Epistemological Crisis

By Tom Prugh Source: resilience The other day I joined the rush to explore ChatGPT, signing up at the OpenAI website. I gave it my full legal name and correct birth date, and asked it to pretend I had died and … Continue reading

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Pokémon and the Age of Augmented Hyper-Surreality

By Luther Blissett Imagine walking to a park in a fairly average medium-sized city on a warm Summer day. There you see groups, pairs and individuals of different ages and races slowly milling about, some with dogs, some with baby … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Stock Prices Collapsing as People Choose Internet Over TV

By Nick Bernabe Source: AntiMedia.org The long-term decline in viewership for America’s big TV outlets is finally starting to catch up to their stock prices. Since 2009, media stocks have been some of the best performers in S&P 500, but the last … Continue reading

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Is the Web Destroying the Cultural Economy?

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds Are we entering a cultural Dark Age, where the talented cannot earn a living creating culture? Longtime correspondent G.F.B. recently sent me this 13-minute Interview with Andrew Keen. This is my first … Continue reading

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