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Something Is Happening

By William Hawes Source: Gods & Radicals SOMETHING IS HAPPENING HERE, but you don’t know what it is: Do you? No one knows, really, as this something is still evolving. As we look back to 2016, though, it is abundantly … Continue reading

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Against meaninglessness and precarity: the crisis of work

By David Frayne Source: ROAR Magazine If work is vital for income, social inclusion and a sense of identity, then one of the most troubling contradictions of our time is that the centrality of work in our societies persists even when … Continue reading

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Made For Each Other

  By James Howard Kunstler Source: Don’t be fooled by the idiotic exertions of the Red team and the Blue team. They’re just playing a game of “Capture the Flag” on the deck of the Titanic. The ship is … Continue reading

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The Acquisitive Self, Minus the Self

By Natasha Vargas-Cooper Source: The Baffler Los Angeles isn’t exactly the place that comes to mind when you think of decorous restraint in the display of wealth, even in the dregs of the Great Recession. Here in my hometown, possibly … Continue reading

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Noseblind to Odors in Your Empire?

By John Rohn Hall Source: Axis of Logic Using metaphor or analogy as a creative aid is especially useful when venturing journalistically into uncomfortable, foreign territory, and Trump’s new version of Amerika is indeed uncomfortable and foreign territory. Gotta admit … Continue reading

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Over Half of Every Tax Dollar You Give to Uncle Sam is Spent on This

By Phillip Schneider Source: Waking Times Most people probably don’t think too much about this, but are you aware of just how much of your income is being used to fuel the military industrial complex? Conveniently omitted from the corporate/state-run … Continue reading

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Why Today’s Neoliberal Global Order Is Incompatible With Democracy

A new book by Jerry Harris explores the transformation of global capitalism and its implications. By Bill Fletcher Jr. Source: In These Times In the years since the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR, the U.S. Left has … Continue reading

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The War Conspiracy – Oligarchical Collectivism

By Ethan Indigo Smith Source: “Since armies are legal, we feel that war is acceptable; in general, nobody feels that war is criminal or that accepting it is criminal attitude. In fact, we have been brainwashed. War and the … Continue reading

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