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Saturday Matinee: Radio Free Albemuth

In light of Philip K. Dick’s birthday tomorrow (he would have been 90), it’s an appropriate time to visit (or revisit) the film adaptation of his posthumously published novel “Radio Free Albemuth”. Being a longtime PKD fan and one of … Continue reading

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Philip K. Dick (December 16, 1928 – March 2, 1982)

In honor of the birthday of the venerable author whose writings have inspired and expanded the hearts & minds of countless kindred spirits, I’m sharing a few PKD-related  works from the archives. Posted below are a couple of rare interviews … Continue reading

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Today is a Good Day for Science Fiction

No, I’m not talking about Transformers 4. Today is the official U.S. release date for two films which will likely be regarded as cult classics of the sci-fi genre: “Radio Free Albemuth” and “Snowpiercer”. I’ve had the good fortune to … Continue reading

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“Radio Free Albemuth” Gets June 27 Theatrical Release

“Radio Free Albemuth” happens to be my favorite Philip K. Dick novel, so I’ve followed the development of its cinematic incarnation since hearing a production company bought the movie rights nearly a decade ago. As one of the lucky few … Continue reading

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