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How The Deep State’s Two-Dimensional Engineered Reality Actually Works

By Bernie Suarez Source: Waking Times It is refreshing to see more and more of humanity wake up to the functional real-time political reality of the world we now live in. There are many human beings throughout the planet who … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Hemp Doc Double Feature

The Hemp Revolution (1995) covers the history, cultivation and usage of hemp including food, fuel, building material and medicine. It also explores some of the factors behind the prohibition of hemp production in the U.S. in 1938 (including pressure from … Continue reading

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A Unified Theory of Corruption – The Deep State

LongTime Capitol Hill Insider Exposes the Kind of Government We Really Have By Jeff Schechtman Source: WhoWhatWhy.org The Holy Grail of physics has always been to find what Einstein called a Unified Field Theory, or, as we’ve come to know … Continue reading

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America’s “War on Drugs” Has Triggered a “Humanitarian Crisis” in Central American. Children Converging at the US Border

By Joachim Hagopian Source: Global Research Since 2011 the US has not only continued “losing” its war on drugs while militarizing so called anti-drug police forces throughout Central America (not unlike the secret dirty wars of yesteryear), during this exact … Continue reading

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