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Inventing the Future: The Collective Joy of Mark Fisher’s ‘k-punk’

By Michael Grasso Source: We Are the Mutants k-punk By Mark Fisher Foreword by Simon Reynolds, Edited by Darren Ambrose Repeater Books, 2018 A little over two years ago, theorist and cultural critic Mark Fisher took his own life at … Continue reading

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Accelerating Capital: Completed Nihilism and The Indebted Man

  By S.C. Hickman Source: Southern Nights In his book Data Trash (1993), Arthur Kroker writes that in the field of digital acceleration, more information means less meaning, because meaning slows info circulation. In the sphere of the digital economy, … Continue reading

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Juxtaposing Anarchy: From Chaos to Cause

By Colin Jenkins Source: The Hampton Institute Anarchy is synonymous with chaos and disorder. It is a term that stands in direct contrast to the archetype of society we have become accustomed to: hierarchical, highly-structured, and authoritative. Because of this, … Continue reading

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