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Fake Everything — Confronting Our Ideological Hegemony

By Janet Phelan Source: Activist Post The recent invocation of “fake news”—notably being levied by those on both sides of the political fence—points to more than allegations of conspiratorial efforts to sway the opinions of John Q Public. What we … Continue reading

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The Mainstream Has Failed

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds The good news is there is a way to avoid failure and stagnation: avoid the mainstream like the plague. The mainstream became mainstream because it worked: the mainstream advice to “go to … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Gridlock’d

“Gridlock’d” (1997) is a film most people remember for featuring one of Tupac Shakur’s last starring roles (he was murdered in a shooting just two months after its completion). While Tupac’s performance as Spoon, a level-headed but drug-addicted jazz musician, … Continue reading

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