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The Militarization of the Superhero

Editor’s note: In honor of Grant Morrison’s 56th birthday, enjoy Dan Sanchez’s excellent analysis of the humanist anti-militarist messages of Morrison’s body of work. By Dan Sanchez Source: Voices of Liberty Grant Morrison Vs. the Super-Soldiers At this year’s Comic-Con … Continue reading

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Into the black hole: an interview with comics author Grant Morrison

‘Annihilator,’ antiheroes, and the creation of modern myths By Adi Robertson Source: The Verge More than almost anyone, Grant Morrison has plumbed the weirdness that lies at the heart of comics. Since the 1980s, he’s helped redefine the superhero genre, … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods

Notes from GrantMorrisonMovie.com: Grant Morrison is one of the most popular writers in comics, and one of the most controversial. He is the Rock Star of Comics, a philosopher and chaos magician, who has used his comics to change both … Continue reading

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