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Review: The Utopia of Rules, by David Graeber

By Jonathan Woolley Source: Gods & Radicals Reading a book about bureaucracy may not sound like an exciting way to spend a weekend off with my family. And yet, having just started David Graeber’s latest – A Utopia of Rules … Continue reading

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Modern Fictions – How the Sacred Manifests in Chaos, Superheroes and Outer Spaces

By Kingsley L. Davis Source: Reality Sandwich The virtual topographies of our millennial world are rife with angels and aliens, with digital avatars and mystic Gaian minds, with utopian longings and gnostic science fictions, and with dark forebodings of apocalypse … Continue reading

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Into the black hole: an interview with comics author Grant Morrison

‘Annihilator,’ antiheroes, and the creation of modern myths By Adi Robertson Source: The Verge More than almost anyone, Grant Morrison has plumbed the weirdness that lies at the heart of comics. Since the 1980s, he’s helped redefine the superhero genre, … Continue reading

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