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Billionaires Want Poor Children’s Brains to Work Better

By Gerald Coles Source: CounterPunch Why are many poor children not learning and succeeding in school? For billionaire Bill Gates, who funded the start-up of the failed Common Core Curriculum Standards, and has been bankrolling the failing charter schools movement, and … Continue reading

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MEET HILLARY’S CAMPAIGN CHAIR: “Moneyman” John Podesta and his Revolving Door

By Gustav Wynn Source: OpEdNews.com If you haven’t heard yet about John Podesta, don’t be surprised – the major media’s radio silence belies his power and influence, working both inside and outside the US government to bundle campaign money and … Continue reading

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Feds Panic on Mass Common Core Test Refusals, Threaten Reprisals

By Alex Newman Source: The New American Public resistance to Common Core is exploding across America, and officials are not happy about it. The Obama administration’s Department of Education, along with pro-Common Core government officials across the country under pressure … Continue reading

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New Analysis Shatters Narrative of Charter School Success

In Minnesota, ‘new information is fueling critics who say the charter school experiment has failed to deliver.’ By Deirdre Fulton Source: CommonDreams.org Public schools are outperforming charter schools in Minnesota, in some cases “dramatically,” according to a new analysis by … Continue reading

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