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5 Reasons why donations to the poor may bring bad results!

By John Hawthorne Source: Business Connect Does donating to poor countries actually help? Keep in mind there is a big difference between disaster response and longer term, more effective and sustainable development.  Much of the time outside assistance and donations … Continue reading

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The Crisis in Education Is That the Super Wealthy Corporate Education System Wants to Destroy Public Schools

By Diane Ravitch Source: OpEdNews.com It has become conventional wisdom that “education is in crisis.” I have been asked about this question by many interviewers. They say something like: “Do you think American education is in crisis? What is the … Continue reading

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MEET HILLARY’S CAMPAIGN CHAIR: “Moneyman” John Podesta and his Revolving Door

By Gustav Wynn Source: OpEdNews.com If you haven’t heard yet about John Podesta, don’t be surprised – the major media’s radio silence belies his power and influence, working both inside and outside the US government to bundle campaign money and … Continue reading

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