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Jeff Bezos Embodies the Cruel Autocracy of Neoliberal Capitalism

Amazon CEO and richest-man-in-the-world Jeff Bezos wants you to work as much as he does—for one millionth of the pay By Branko Marcetic Source: In These Times “Is Jeff Bezos a horrible boss and is that good?” That was the question … Continue reading

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Political Collapse: The Center Cannot Hold

By Kirkpatrick Sale Source: CounterPunch Have you noticed? From Hong Kong to Baghdad, Paris to Tehran, 2019 is shaping up to be, as the New York Times dubbed it, “the year of the protest.” Violent—and often deadly—anti-government protests are breaking … Continue reading

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America’s War Party

By Steven Lendman Source: SteveLendman Blog America is a one-party state with two wings, each virtually identical to the other, differing only in style and rhetoric. They’re in lockstep on issues mattering most – notably supporting endless wars at the … Continue reading

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