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America’s Barbaric Logic of Hiroshima 70 Years On

By Finnian Cunningham Source: Strategic Culture Foundation Even if we accept that there was a plausible military imperative to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – to bring about a swift defeat of Japan and thus an end … Continue reading

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Fascism and War: Elite Tools to Crush and Kill Dissent

By Julie Lévesque Source: GlobalResearch.ca Dr. Jacques Pauwels is not the kind of historian you often hear about in the mainstream media. He’s obviously not the kind of “expert” they refer to for historical facts. Actually, one crucial propaganda method … Continue reading

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“All Wars Are Based on Deception” – Sun Tzu

I’ve been thinking of Sun Tzu’s line from “The Art of War” a lot lately because of the blatant lies about Syria currently being pushed by U.S. government officials and the corporate media. The quote is just as true today … Continue reading

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