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What’s Changed and What Hasn’t in a Tumultuous Year

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds Inequality is America’s Monster Id, and we’re continuing to fuel its future rampage daily. What’s changed and what hasn’t in the past year? What hasn’t changed is easy: 1. Wealth / income inequality … Continue reading

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Nicaragua: Land of Revolution, Poetry and Solidarity

Given its richness and complexity, it would be impossible to give an accurate overview of contemporary Nicaraguan society without years of research and experience within the country. What I humbly offer is just one visitor’s perspective of aspects of the … Continue reading

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Back in the Belly of the Beast

Those who spend their lives within the belly of the beast see mostly the insides of the belly. Traveling outside the beast gives one a better idea of what the beast looks like and the impact of its actions on … Continue reading

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