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By Mark Dancey Source: The Baffler

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Breaking: Moguls Fear AI Apocalypse

By Jacob Silverman Source: The Baffler A funny thing happened on the way to the Singularity. In the past few months, some of the tech industry’s most prominent figures (Elon Musk, Bill Gates), as well as at least one associated … Continue reading

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Utopia: The Final Frontier

By Sadie Doyle Source: The Baffler Leonard Nimoy, who passed away this past Friday, was less an actor than an icon, an ever-present figure and a seemingly universal pop-culture touchstone. What struck me, upon hearing the news of his death, … Continue reading

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Hacking the Planet: What Could Go Wrong?

By Dale Lately Source: The Baffler You remember this science fiction story, right? Faced with the threat of extinction on a warming planet, an advanced race flies gigantic mirrors into the stratosphere to create a giant “space umbrella” that will … Continue reading

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The Birth of the Time-Motion Human

By Dale Lately Source: The Baffler In a darkened room, a woman lies watched by an infra-red camera as she sleeps. It monitors her breathing, her movements, the flicker of her eyelids. Some hours later it stings her with a … Continue reading

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