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An Open Letter to People with ‘Mental Health’ Issues

Robert J. Burrowes As ‘mental health’ issues gain more attention, sympathetic and otherwise, in a wide variety of contexts and countries around the world, the opportunity for inaccurate perceptions of what causes these issues, and how to treat them, are … Continue reading

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Co-Creation and the Greater Reality

By Rahkyt Source: Sacred Space in Time Life is a continuous process of creation and destruction. With every action and reaction, something new is birthed into being and something old undergoes the processes of destruction. From the thought processes we engage in … Continue reading

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Prophecy, Spirit and the Dreamtime

By Jay Weidner Source: ZenGardner.com The mythology of our modern, high-tech culture teaches us that the last frontier for humanity is outer space. Somehow, according to this emerging mythos, the fragile human body is supposed to be able to survive … Continue reading

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