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The Culture of Fear: Coronavirus and the Human Animal

By Steve Attridge Source: Waking Times Fear is a weapon. It is also a deadly disease, far more potent than Corona virus. It also tells us much about our society, our relationships and ourselves. Fear inhibits thought, it restricts freedom, … Continue reading

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Overcoming the Myth of Authority

By Gary Z McGee Source: The Mind Unleashed “For thousands hacking at the branches there is one striking the root.” ~Henry David Thoreau If, as Albert Einstein said, “unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth,” then it … Continue reading

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America’s Mania for Positive Thinking and Denial of Reality Will Be Our Downfall

The ridiculous positivism, the belief that we are headed toward some glorious future, defies reality. By Chris Hedges Source: Alternet The naive belief that history is linear, that moral progress accompanies technical progress, is a form of collective self-delusion. It … Continue reading

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