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By Dylan Charles Source: Waking Times How do you reconcile the utter madness of the world with the overwhelming joy of being alive in it? “Paradox: a situation, person, or thing that combines contradictory features or qualities.” Without question we live … Continue reading

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Being Our Experience

By Iam Saums with contributions from Zen Gardner Source: ZenGardner.com “Until we choose our own experience of life, we will never truly live.” Common Thread: There are over six billion unique interpretations of life in the three-dimensional construct we experience … Continue reading

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Resistance is Fertile: The Art of Having No Masters

By Gary ‘Z’ McGee Source: Waking Times “You don’t become completely free by just avoiding being a slave; you also need to avoid becoming a master.” ~Naseem Nicholas Taleb In the midst of a hyper-violent culture blinded by the statist … Continue reading

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What if?

By rahkyt Source: Sacred Space in Time What if, every moment were meaningful? Every thought no matter how banal, ever word no matter how mundane. Every action, no matter its intention sends reverberations of meaning out into time and space. … Continue reading

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Life’s Most Important Dramas Are Being Disrupted

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Washington’s Blog The idea that human life subdivides rather naturally into stages is based on our natural progression from childhood into adulthood and eventual (if we’re lucky) old age. Confucian thought views life as a … Continue reading

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