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Detroit Cronies Sucking Money out of City to build Red Wings’ Stadium

Source: Collapse.com and Reason Though I am usually not a fan of infographics/datagraphics, Reason just published the below graphic which details the horrible deal that the city of Detroit is getting by building this new arena. We see these kinds … Continue reading

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US Backed Fascist Thugs Unleashed in Ukraine

Source: Collapse.com With the American minds now fully inundated with anti-Russian propaganda and lies as to the composition of the US backed coup government in Ukraine the time has finally come to unleash the goons. After weeks of threats, military … Continue reading

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Supersize This, Putin: McDonalds Closes Crimean Locations

Source: Collapse.com Only in Obama’s America could something like this bit of ‘news’ be sold to the masses of asses by a corrupt cadre of state-corporate media that long ago chucked their first amendment responsibilities into the crapper to become … Continue reading

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Police Teargas Family’s Vigil for Handcuffed Teen Shot in the Back of the Head

Besides being one of the saddest headlines I’ve seen in awhile, it says a lot about the current state of law enforcement in America. This is the full story behind it as reported by Jean Paul Zodeaux of Collapse.com: A … Continue reading

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