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Cyber Forces Manipulate Public Opinion

By Vladimir Platov Source: New Eastern Outlook The influence on public opinion is one of the primary functions of the information space, presented today not only by TV, radio and print media, but also by the Internet and social networks. … Continue reading

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From Russia, with Panic

Cozy bears, unsourced hacks—and a Silicon Valley shakedown By Yasha Levine Source: The Baffler The Russians hacked America. After Donald Trump’s surprise victory in November, these four words reverberated across the nation. Democratic Party insiders, liberal pundits, economists, members of … Continue reading

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Deep Politics of the Sony Hack

When news of the Sony hack first broke in late November it seemed of relatively little importance. Stories about hacking and stolen data are increasingly common these days and Sony wasn’t a particularly sympathetic victim in light of their DRM … Continue reading

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