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The Mechanism of Invisible Empire

“The invisible hand has created an invisible cage…blinding us and dividing us, allowing the ruling class to exploit us and subjugate us.” By Hiroyuki Hamada Source: Off-Guardian When the whole society becomes a theater of absurdity, the puppeteers become kings … Continue reading

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The Worst Virus Ever…Authority…

By Nantes Indymedia Source: Anarchists Worldwide About COVID-19, authoritarian delusions and the shitty world we live in… The macabre death toll increases day by day, and in the imagination of each person takes place the sensation, at first vague then … Continue reading

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500 years is long enough! Human Depravity in the Congo

By Robert J. Burrowes I would like to tell you something about human depravity and illustrate just how widespread it is among those we often regard as ‘responsible’. I am going to use the Democratic Republic of the Congo as … Continue reading

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