Is Real-World Activism Part of our Spiritual Journey?

By Richard Enos

Source: Collective Evolution

We are living through a time that is shaking us down to our foundations. This ‘Pandemic’ has led to actions being taken by our governments that seem to completely disregard the rights of citizens and the rule of law. And there is mounting evidence that the severe measures being employed have not had any positive impact on our collective health and safety, and in fact are only serving an agenda to strengthen the grip of control enjoyed by the ruling class.

I don’t begrudge people who still believe that all we have to do to return to some form of normalcy is continue obeying protocols, but support for that idea is dwindling, as more people start to wonder if compliance is really the answer or if it is actually the problem itself. Questions surrounding these measures are being asked everywhere we turn: Why are small businesses being shut down, while multinational corporations that pose just as much ‘risk’ are able to open? Why are children being forced to wear masks and distance within schools when the science and statistics indicate that such measures are unnecessary and even harmful? Why are our governments trying to convince us that the Covid vaccine will solve the problem, while telling us that we will still have to wear masks after receiving it?

A Spiritual Battle

It is healthy to question things that don’t make sense to us, and we deserve answers. We have every right to defy commands we feel are unjustified–especially when our government oversteps and ignores the very laws it is supposed to uphold. And rather than heeding the growing discontent, and giving even the faintest impression that they are trying to ‘serve the public,’ the government is pushing back on our defiance like never before.

Let there be no doubt: we are in the midst of a spiritual battle.

But have courage. I believe that everything that is happening around us, as nefarious as it may be at some level, is being guided by a higher intelligence. And that higher intelligence has brought forth a situation that gives us an opportunity to begin to take charge of what is happening on the planet.

At this moment in history humanity is emerging from a state of adolescence and moving into adulthood, where we are starting to take responsibility, individually and collectively, for the condition the world is in. It is when a critical mass of people adopt this mindset that we will be able to turn this ship around, and get out from under the thumb of the ‘father figure’ of our adolescence, the current self-serving ruling class.

Confronting Our Fear

Indeed, one of the major stumbling blocks many of us face in standing up against what is going on is overcoming our fear of authority. Most of us first experienced a fear of authority at the hands of our parents, and as Edward Snowden explains in the short clip below, the ruling class has created a system that continues to stoke this fear and force our compliance from the time we enter school until we die.

As individuals, it is certainly worthwhile to ask ourselves if any trust we still have in our authority figures is justified, or if our compliance is just fear-based programming. Do we feel afraid to stand out or speak out, are we worried that we will be shamed by family, shunned by friends, unable to fit in at work or school? To truly act as free individuals we need to become still and grounded when we ask these questions, so that we can hear the quiet but reassuring voice of our higher self, reminding us of who we really want to be and what we want to do. This is the only authority you really need to follow.

Now certainly I don’t presume to tell anyone what ‘right action’ is for them. In fact it is no longer a time for you to blindly follow anyone, as I illustrated in my documentary ‘The Leaderless Movement.’ So we shouldn’t be guilted or shamed into defiance any more than we should be guilted or shamed into compliance. It’s time for each of us to find our center. From there, you do whatever feels right to you. That might very well mean doing nothing at the moment. But if you happen to notice, when you get into a state of stillness, that your inner voice has been gently coaxing you to stand up for your principles and be active in the world, then you owe it to yourself (and the rest of humanity, I might add) to overcome whatever fear you might have and follow through.

What is Real-World Activism?

When we think of real-world activism the first thing that often comes to mind is our right to assemble and protest. Some may dismiss this out of hand because it evokes unpleasant images of fighting and violence. But that is not an inherent quality of standing up for our personal rights and freedoms. The vast majority of gatherings and demonstrations in Canada and around the world regarding pandemic measures have been peaceful, and that’s the only way they are going to be effective. Certainly the time for pitchforks and streetside guillotines has long passed us by. If we decide that our only objective is to tear down the ruling class and subject them to bloody retribution then we are just perpetuating the division that the ruling class has used this whole time to keep their small elite group running the show.

Real-world activism does not actually require you to stand against anything. Of course many of us are angry about what we see going on in the world and we don’t like it. And that is a healthy thing. Our anger awakens us out of complacency and into action. But once we are activated, it’s important to move on to the next emotional stage, which is a firm resolve to stand for something, like the basic principles of personal freedom and human dignity that we all share. This opens us up to our connection with each other and fuels our desire to improve not only our own lives but those of our fellow human beings as well. This eventually leads us to looking at the way the entire planet is being governed and wondering why we are continuing to give our consent to it.

And of course real-world activism is not limited to participating in demonstrations and protests. It could simply be the way we conduct ourselves in our daily lives when we deal with those in some position of authority. Usually it is something that affects us personally that spark us to action. In my case, I remember the day clearly, when I read that my grade 1 son would be required to wear a mask in school. That is the day I jumped out of my chair and put the time and effort into researching the matter and then contacting those involved. This eventually led to a string of frustrating and uncomfortable conversations with people of authority from a principal to a director of education, documented in my article ‘How I Obtained a Conscientious Exemption From Mask-wearing at School for my Child.’ Early on, I had a sense that the whole exercise was not only done for my son, as I had decided after losing trust in the system that I was not willing put him through a single day at school; I also felt I wanted to learn how to stand up for my rights so that I could help others who were in the same situation.

Effective activism always has a spiritual component. It requires us to look at ourselves in the mirror and do the inner work that builds self-responsibility and changes the way we show up in the world. It requires us to look at the world with more discernment and a devotion to truth. We have long been divided by deception, but the singularity of truth unites us, and the sharing of truth empowers us and sets us free.

The Takeaway

What is unprecedented about the events that we are living through right now is that we are all personally affected one way or another. Nobody has been left untouched, and that makes it more difficult for people to continue sitting this one out. We are all being called to some form of engagement, and it’s likely that things in the world will keep getting worse until enough of us are involved. And this is why I believe that higher intelligence is orchestrating this. For when we reach a critical mass and the behemoth that I call the ruling class finally falls, we will have learned how to take responsibility for the condition of the world, we will be more educated in the deceptive ways of power, and we will have begun to connect to each other and unite at a deep level. This will put us in a position where we will already have the tools to start creating a world that serves us all.

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  1. The ruling class and it’s authoritarian system isn’t a behemoth it’s the Leviathan.

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