Who Lost: A Biased Media, Pundits, Pollsters, Political Parties, Warmongers, the Corporatocracy, Pay-to-Play Grifters, Neoliberals


Editor’s Note: While the parties mentioned may have lost in the short run, it’s likely they’ll soon regroup for future assaults on humanity and the planet.

By Charles Hugh Smith

Source: Of Two Minds

Fake Progressives are perfectly fine with soaring inequality and corrupt governance, as long as everyone’s public utterances are politically correct.

Sometimes who lost is more important than who won. Let’s review who lost the election:

1. Let’s start with the Corporatocracy, which expected to once again wield unlimited influence by funding political campaigns with millions of dollars in contributions and speaking fees.

2. A biased mainstream media. My mom-in-law was watching CBS all night, so that’s what we watched. All the pundits/anchors spoke in the hushed tones of a funeral. For two hours, the only images of campaign workers shown were the sad faces of Clinton supporters; not one image of jubilant Trump supporters was broadcast until Trump gave his acceptance speech.

When one of the talking heads noted that Hillary never generated the enthusiasm of the Sanders or Trump campaigns, his comment was followed by a stony silence. That he had given voice to a self-evident truth was not welcome.

3. Mainstream punditry: they got it wrong from the start and remained close-minded and arrogant in their postured superiority.

The punditry applied a double standard to Trump and Hillary. Trump’s speeches and ethically questionable history were judged by moral standards, and he was declared unfit.

Hillary’s actions, on the other hand, were judged by strictly legalistic standards: well, you can’t indict her, so she’s fit for office.

Dear punditry: you can’t use double standards to promote your biases and retain any shred of credibility.

4. Pollsters. Having rigged the polls via over-sampling and under-sampling, they were laughably wrong. Here is a typical headline from election night, from the New York Times: Trump Takes Florida, Closing In on a Stunning Upset.

Only the pollsters and the MSM were stunned.

5. Political parties. As my friend G.F.B. observed, both parties ran 20th century campaigns in the 21st century. Both parties lost for this reason; both are hopelessly out of touch with a rapidly changing America.

Democrats upset with losing should look at their party’s system of Super-Delegates that squelched Bernie Sander’s bid.

6. Warmongers. Many Americans are sick and tired of interventionist, globalist warmongering. The only possible way they could register their opposition to warmongering was to vote for Trump.

7. Pay-to-Play Grifters. Let the investigations, indictments, prosecutions and convictions begin as soon as Trump is sworn in.

8. Neoliberals. Globalization boils down to freeing mobile capital to rove the globe for opportunities to strip-mine cheap resources, assets and labor and then move on, leaving ruined communities behind.

9. Bonus loser: Fake Progressives. Fake Progressives are perfectly fine with soaring inequality and corrupt governance, as long as everyone’s public utterances are politically correct. So the oppressor class is acceptable as long as they speak respectfully while stepping on your neck.

Real Progressives see jobs and community as solutions, not welfare and central planning. Real Progressives see the eradication of warmongering Imperial pretensions and corrupt pay-to-play grifting as the essential projects of liberty and democracy.

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5 Responses to Who Lost: A Biased Media, Pundits, Pollsters, Political Parties, Warmongers, the Corporatocracy, Pay-to-Play Grifters, Neoliberals

  1. Worth Watching. “Yes, it was The Left” https://youtu.be/GLG9g7BcjKs

  2. Very astute. I haven’t giggled to myself that much while reading in a long time.
    The new liberal has to take a long look in the mirror and decide what his/her true ideal is. They need to take a hard look at the world and see what is really happening. Don’t they remember the WTO protests, The Occupy Movement, LIBOR. What happened to the bias free liberal. The liberal with insight. Their extinct. Killed by political correctness and virtue signaling. Very sad.
    Progressives? Progressing toward what? Corporate imperialism? Militant liberalism? Cultural marxism? Dystopic nightmare? Well, at least will have cool killer robots.

  3. kk16085 says:

    Its the working class, peasants who lost! Winner is Capitalism & its henchmen!

    • Though that’s unfortunately more often than not the case, there’s degrees to which one “wins” and “loses” in this situation.
      The working class have at least won in a symbolic sense, with a candidate that seemingly understood their rage defeating the candidate backed by a majority of corporate interests. But of course corporate interests can quickly switch sides to influence whoever’s in power.

      • This is clear. TPP would have been the nail in coffin for the working class. Lines have been blurred since the seventies when the dems started taking corporate money. Did you notice that us the same time middle income wage growth stagnated?
        Well see what happens, but Trump in any case is not beholden to any special interest as of yet. He very will could do right by the American people.
        Btw, kk16085, The Socialist State doesnt have a great track record. Well not until China started incorporating capitalism into the party structure. And it is still totalitarian.
        Long live the democratic republic.

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