Saturday Matinee: Branded


Branded (2012) is a Russian-US sci-fi parable written and directed by Jamie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Dulerayn. Much of the story is told in flashbacks documenting the rise, fall and rebirth of top-level advertising executive Misha (Ed Stoppard, son of playwright Tom Stoppard). Upon being scapegoated for a marketing disaster, Misha withdraws to the countryside where in a trance state he’s compelled to perform a bizarre ritual. Shortly after, he finds he has a unique ability to “see” strange parasitic creatures which are the embodiment of corporate influence. Horrified, Misha sets out to destroy the creatures of his visions, a quest which could ultimately liberate society but at the expense of his personal and professional life. Though the film is hindered by uneven tonal shifts and occasionally stilted performances, Branded is notable for its relevant social critique which mixes elements of Putney Swope, They Live  and novels of Philip K. Dick.

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