The Path to Eternity


By Mark Anthony Rockeymoore

Source: Sacred Space in Time

Thoughts are things. Energy that becomes words, then actions. Are your thoughts generally positive or negative? Your words, your actions? Do you see the positive in life more naturally, or the negative?

Given enough time and repeated attention, thoughts take on a life of their own. We become haunted by fears that take over our lives. Collective thoughts haunt the collective mind. Individual fears become our lives and collective fears become the world we live in.

Positive thoughts create a positive life, even in a world of negativity. Individually and collectively we each are responsible for the world we co-create. For our thoughts, words and actions. Starting the day concentrating on the good things in our lives we fundamentally alter the trajectory of our experience as perception determines words and actions.

The multiverse, the universe, the galaxy, the solar system and the world are all thoughts in the mind of God. And the same thing applies to our lives. We create them within this larger structure, based upon conditions unique to each of us. How we choose to perceive our lives, positively or negatively, determines the course of our paths and fundamentally alters our possibilities.

There is no greater purpose in life than to live consciously. To consider thoughts, words and actions carefully. To live according to your deepest purpose, aligned to the truths you have discovered during the course of your own experience. To hone thought to the point of utter clarity, to speak precisely, to act decisively.

Looking at your life right this moment, can you tell how far you are along that path? Does your answer to that question satisfy you? Do your regrets outweigh your joys? If they do, you know exactly what you must do. The only thing left then, is to determine how.

The answer arises with the question. Query yourself and commit yourself to living according to your deepest understanding. Regrets will then pass away with this shift in perception and the recognition that life’s lessons are ongoing and there is no final test, just continuous growth along the path to eternity.

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