A Libertarian Argument for Universal Basic Income

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1 Response to A Libertarian Argument for Universal Basic Income

  1. Nolan says:

    Looks like the libertarian camp is being infiltrated by an obvious non-libertarian. Her reasoning is laughable. Here’s a better analogy for her argument: “Bill takes Clive hostage. Taking Clive as hostage is wrong. Given Bill has taken Clive hostage”. Bill could anally rape Clive or not. Bill could say, “Not only have I made you my hostage, but i will rape you using only spit as lube” Or, Bill could say, “You had no choice but to be my hostage, but I am going to try to minimize the harm that I have done. Help yourself to the lube in the drawer, and I’ll try not to make you bleed.” Similarly…..

    Her entire argument for UBI is basically, since we are all hostages and will never be free, we need to convince our captors to share more of their food with us….pathetic and sickening

    This article is a complete joke. The author should be reminded of the base word in the word libertarian. It is liberty. She should look up the meaning of it and then stop identifying herself as a libertarian.

    Could you imagine the author watching Star Trek. She would he thinking to herself, why are you fighting the Borg, resistance is futile,

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