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Questioning Covid19: Why I Will Never Trust the Medical Establishment about Respiratory Disease. A Case History

By  Anita McKone If you are interested in finding out the truth about the Covid19 scare, you can look for information in many areas. Understanding the corporate (profit-driven) and petrochemical-based history of the medical establishment helps. Being aware of the … Continue reading

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Why this Draconian Response to COVID-19?

By Jeffrey A. Tucker Source: Activist Post Imagine if you are the organizer of a major arts and tech event that attracts a quarter-million attendees. One week out from the conference, the mayor cancels your event. Your event is not … Continue reading

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Omens, Portents, Karma and the Mandate of Heaven

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds The question of legitimacy isn’t limited to China. what makes humans unique among social mammals? Some say humor, I would nominate superstition: regardless of how hard we promote our rationality and logic, humanity … Continue reading

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