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Why We Stay Asleep When Covid-19 Is Trying to Wake Us Up

By Kelly Brogan, MD, Ali Zeck, Sayer Ji Source: KellyBroganMD.com There’s a phrase we all keep hearing: It doesn’t make sense. We’ve heard it from citizen journalists, from hospital and police force whistleblowers, and from otherwise compliant and law abiding … Continue reading

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From Quarantine To Tyranny To Rebellion: Where Is The Line In The Sand?

By Brandon Smith Source: Alt-Market.com America is in a haze right now. It seems like half the country is in denial of the danger while the other half is awaking from apathy and frantically trying to prepare. This is creating … Continue reading

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Why this Draconian Response to COVID-19?

By Jeffrey A. Tucker Source: Activist Post Imagine if you are the organizer of a major arts and tech event that attracts a quarter-million attendees. One week out from the conference, the mayor cancels your event. Your event is not … Continue reading

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