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Sickcare is the Knife in the Heart of Employment–and the Economy

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Of Two Minds We need to change the incentives of the entire system, not just healthcare, but if we don’t start with healthcare, that financial cancer will drag us into national insolvency all by itself. … Continue reading

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Jeff Bezos’s Corporate Takeover of Our Lives

How Amazon’s relentless pursuit of profit is squeezing us all—and what we can do about it By David Dayen Source: In These Times AMAZON IS AN ONLINE RETAILER. It also runs a marketplace for other online retailers. It’s also a shipper … Continue reading

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Why Are American Communities Dying?

By Tom Chatham Source: Project Chesapeake Most Americans who have been around for a while know life is nothing like it used to be. When someone wanted a job one was found with a little bit of searching. Today jobs … Continue reading

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Bust the Trust: Now is the Time to Break Up Amazon

By Andy Laties with additional reporting by Sander Hicks Source: The New York Megaphone Standing at the cash register at an Upper West Side independent bookstore I used to run, I once noted the frequent passage of cars painted all … Continue reading

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