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Of Course Billionaires Shouldn’t Exist

By HipCrime Vocab There’s apparently a row over whether billionaires should exist. That is, whether or not billionaires should be a thing in our society. What a stupid question. Of course billionaires shouldn’t exist! But the reason has nothing to do with … Continue reading

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Turkey-NATO Crisis Sets The Scene For New European ‘EU Army’

By Patrick Henningsen Source: 21st Century Wire They say there are no coincidences in politics and foreign affairs. Less than 72 hours after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter inside of Syrian airspace, moves are already afoot to increase the … Continue reading

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Snowden’s Christmas Message to the World

Yesterday, NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden gave an “Alternative Christmas Message” on Britain’s Channel 4 television. It was short and concise, yet more substantial and important than a typical State of the Union Address. Though he makes the connection to Orwell’s … Continue reading

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