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Reactions to the Corona Virus Hint of a Wider Agenda

By James O’Neill Source: Land Destroyer The western world has gone into a phase of unprecedented lockdown. Major airlines have ceased international operations. It is an open question is to whether or not they will be able to resume operations … Continue reading

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Is Coronavirus a bioweapon?

By David Swanson Source: Let’s Try Democracy The Washington Post’s article opposing such a conclusion admits the following: The lab in Wuhan “was researching coronaviruses transmitted by bats.” And “[a]n annual State Department report released last year said China had engaged ‘in biological … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and the CIA’s Biological Warfare on Cuba

By Timothy Alexander Guzman Source: Silent Crow News Maybe it was a plan that went horribly wrong, something they could no longer control. Was the Corona virus or COVID-19 spread intentionally? What if this virus was used against China as … Continue reading

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