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Saturday Matinee: Putney Swope

Putney Swope: Most under-rated cult film of the 1960s? By Richard Metzger Source: Dangerous Minds Robert Downey Sr.‘s Putney Swope is an unusual film that splits audiences into two camps without breaking a sweat: those who absolutely love it and … Continue reading

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Social Schizophrenia, Social Depression: What does TV tell us about America?

By Charles Hugh Smith Source: Dangerous Minds The difference between what we experience and what we’re told we experience creates a social schizophrenia that leads to self-destructive attitudes and behaviors. What can popular television programs tell us about the zeitgeist … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: Decoder

William S. Burroughs and industrial music all-stars in dystopian 80s cult film ‘Decoder’ By Ron Kretsch Source: Dangerous Minds If your life needs a little-seen dystopian ‘80s German film about Industrial music sparking revolutionary change in a society of fast … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: F for Fake

Via Dangerous Minds: If you’ve seen Orson Welles’ late period quasi-documentary F for Fake, then you know about the mysterious art forger Elmyr De Hory. In his freewheeling cinematic essay, Welles explored the funhouse mirror life of de Hory, who … Continue reading

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