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All For One: Individual attunement to collective evolution

By Mark Rockeymoore Source: Sacred Space in Time The energies of the day demand expression. Unconscious passage through life typifies the oceanic experience of the human family. One often seems more important than all. The ability of life to provide … Continue reading

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Founder Of Skeptic’s Society Rattled After Witnessing A Paranormal Event (Michael Shermer)

By Joe Martino Source: Collective Evolution Michael Shermer is a well respected man amongst his community. He is the founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, a regular contributor to Time.com, and Presidential Fellow at Chapman … Continue reading

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WikiLeaks Cables Reveal U.S. Gov’t Planned To “Retaliate and Cause Pain” On Countries Refusing GMOs

By Arjun Walia Source: Collective Evolution Studies that link Genetically Modified (GM) food to multiple human health ailments are not the only thing that has millions of people questioning the production of GM food. The fact that previously classified secret … Continue reading

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