All For One: Individual attunement to collective evolution

By Mark Rockeymoore

Source: Sacred Space in Time

The energies of the day demand expression. Unconscious passage through life typifies the oceanic experience of the human family. One often seems more important than all.

The ability of life to provide exactly what is needed in order to challenge our ingrained patterns remains the test of self-awareness. Interactions with life in the form of other things and people – as well as ourselves – is reflected in the very cells of our bodies, affecting the aging process and self expression. Following periods of intense introspection and recrimination, often, times of outward projection into life and the world result. These times reveal the crux of our individual journeys, reveal the heart of who we are, the soul of what we’ve come to do, the spirit of our collective evolution through time and space.

There are very few who are actively aware of this growth. Even still, the conscious progression of the human race is stultified by seemingly oppositional forces that can seem human and other at times. Where and how stoppages to the flow of energy occur, or originate, is meaningless when it comes down to it. That they occur is the issue and how to move through and past them is the goal. The cascade of thoughts, words and actions that represent our general passage through life characterize our personalities and, if limited in understanding, become the self we call I, or me. In time habit coalesces and stagnates, thoughts influence the body’s capacity for growth and hearts harden, souls settle into beingness closed off from true inner growth and the capacity to shift, to change.

Once this point is reached, the actual cells of the body become more attuned to emotional states and the neuropeptides that shift them than the nutrients provided by the foods we eat and, as a result, the body ages and weakens and the world bears down upon us in all of its terrible and wondrous horror and splendor. Fear, as an expression of lower urges overwhelms the individual’s capacity for free and open thought and patterns of thought cycle through the mind endlessly, on repeat, ushering us through the final years and into the grave, unfulfilled, regretful and longing for relief and surcease from the pain and agony of life.

As we travel through our days we are being bombarded by energies. Coming from the earth, from the sun, from the planets, from the stars. The emanations of extra-solar bodies suffuse our physical bodies and interact with our energetic states, shifting our emotional expression accordingly. The extent to which this is unacknowledged is dependent upon the individualized state of self-awareness. The empathic connection between people often relegates the souled individual to claiming imposed emotional states as their own, tossed to and fro by emotions coming from outside, mistaken for originating inside. Understanding that thought precedes emotion allows the empath to recognize which emotions are coming from within and which are coming from without.  Active awareness in the form of mindfulness ushers in the state of conscious personal growth in the area of psychology and spirituality.

Outward projection of inner imperatives represent a clarity of understanding that can become the lived expression of those who consciously follow evolutionary processes ancient in conception and that seem to typify the human experience regardless of culture or geography. The many forms of psychological and spiritual practice are girded by an underlying reality that we all share as conscious beings immersed within the quantum zero-point field entangled intricately, our every action superimposed by endless potentiality, directed by individuated conscious volition.  Being true to Self, then, is merely the understanding that whatever is in the moment should be the focus of attention and intent.

As science is continually discovering, what we think, say and do is meaningful in an individual and also in a collective sense. Understanding that life responds to the perceiver, that consciousness is the fundamental state of existence itself is confirmation of every utterance of every sage in every culture in every corner of the world. The cyclical and spiral-like nature of existence resounds across the void of consciousness as lives coalesce around the shared journey and our interactions shoot off sparks of infinite possibility with each choice as the implicit wave-function collapses into the mundanity of normative perception and the days proceed as any other. We are fooled by sameness, bamboozled by boredom, into ignoring the magic of daily life. Effectively blinded to the terrific, inured to the amazing.

While, collectively, the human family remains mired in darkness, the awakening process as experienced by a significant proportion of the world’s population is indeed having an effect. Exuberant proclamations of ascension and wonder abound within minority communities of spiritual aspirants and projections of paradoxical incredulity are savaged by the sleeping minds, intellectually bound to dead paradigms and enclosed conceptions of egoic imposition. And yet, each and every contribution by all incarnate souls contributes to the whole and the manifest state of beingness in all of its infinite and eternal inscrutability represents an inexorable evolutionary drive shared by all expressions of consciousness in every potential form possible.

The heart of who we are is compassion. Electromagnetic thrums of intentionality emanate outwards from each person, affecting their immediate and distant surroundings through waves of interconnectivity at the quantum level. The soul of what we’ve come to do is transcendent, encompassing the purposing of soul-groups infinite in conception and eternal in origin, beyond the capacity of any egotistical personality structure to fully encompass within the purview of limited awareness.  The spirit of our collective evolution is grounding, into the moment, into the space of our lives as lived, our experiences as interpreted, our thoughts and feelings as expressed. In each moment we represent the eternal and each choice is a resounding foray into creation for better or worse, polarized pinpoints of potentiality sent out into the void lovingly received and transmitted to, through and around every iota of being and consciousness in creation and beyond. All, is more important than one.

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