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The Mess that Nuland Made

By Robert Parry Source: Consortium News As the Ukrainian army squares off against ultra-right and neo-Nazi militias in the west and violence against ethnic Russians continues in the east, the obvious folly of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy has come … Continue reading

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Freedom Rider: U.S. Pushes Russia Towards War

By Margaret Kimberly Source: Black Agenda Report “The United States has intervened in too many countries without paying a high enough price.” This columnist recently said that “Russia Wins” in its handling of America’s attempt to eviscerate its influence and … Continue reading

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Supersize This, Putin: McDonalds Closes Crimean Locations

Source: Collapse.com Only in Obama’s America could something like this bit of ‘news’ be sold to the masses of asses by a corrupt cadre of state-corporate media that long ago chucked their first amendment responsibilities into the crapper to become … Continue reading

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Obama to Putin: Do as I Say Not as I Do

By Ralph Nader Originally posted at Counterpunch.org Dear President Obama: As you ponder your potential moves regarding President Vladimir V. Putin’s annexation of Crimea (a large majority of its 2 million people are ethnic Russians), it is important to remember … Continue reading

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