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Ukraine: Somewhere between Afghanization and Syrianization

Ukraine is finished as a nation – neither side will rest in this war. The only question is whether it will be an Afghan or Syrian style finale. By Pepe Escobar Source: The Cradle One year after the astounding US … Continue reading

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They’re Just Outright Telling Us That Peace In Ukraine Is Not An Option

By Caitlin Johnstone Source: CaitlinJohnstone.com US Senator Joe Manchin said at the World Economic Forum on Monday that he opposes any kind of peace agreement between Ukraine and Russia. Manchin, who at the moment is one of the most powerful elected officials in Washington, added … Continue reading

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How Can the US Accuse Any Nation of Violating ‘Rules-Based International Order’?

By Dave Lindorff Source: This Can’t Be Happening Sometimes the hypocrisy of the US government, especially when it comes to foreign affairs, it just too much to let pass. The latest example of this is the Ukraine crisis, where the … Continue reading

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The Mess that Nuland Made

By Robert Parry Source: Consortium News As the Ukrainian army squares off against ultra-right and neo-Nazi militias in the west and violence against ethnic Russians continues in the east, the obvious folly of the Obama administration’s Ukraine policy has come … Continue reading

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Freedom Rider: U.S. Pushes Russia Towards War

By Margaret Kimberly Source: Black Agenda Report “The United States has intervened in too many countries without paying a high enough price.” This columnist recently said that “Russia Wins” in its handling of America’s attempt to eviscerate its influence and … Continue reading

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Supersize This, Putin: McDonalds Closes Crimean Locations

Source: Collapse.com Only in Obama’s America could something like this bit of ‘news’ be sold to the masses of asses by a corrupt cadre of state-corporate media that long ago chucked their first amendment responsibilities into the crapper to become … Continue reading

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Obama to Putin: Do as I Say Not as I Do

By Ralph Nader Originally posted at Counterpunch.org Dear President Obama: As you ponder your potential moves regarding President Vladimir V. Putin’s annexation of Crimea (a large majority of its 2 million people are ethnic Russians), it is important to remember … Continue reading

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