The U.S. empire is collapsing.


By Eric Zuesse

Source: The Duran

The U.S. empire was initiated, on 25 July 1945, by U.S. President Harry Truman, upon the advice of his hero Dwight Eisenhower, but the U.S. empire — the only empire that remained after WW II — has been successfully hidden from its publics, never self-acknowledged, despite now having 900 foreign U.S. military bases in its colonies (‘allies’) around the world, and despite having become, by now, by far and overwhelmingly, the largest empire that has ever existed, in all of world history. (And those 900 foreign military bases are in addition to America’s 749 domestic U.S. military bases.)

But, now, this largest-ever empire in world history is finally in the process of collapsing. This collapse will be documented here, first of all by documenting how extreme the lies by the empire’s rulers (“The Emperor has no clothes” that are true — that actually exist) have become, and the desperateness of those persons’ fabrications of ‘news’, and consequently of ‘history’, because it is by means of their lies that we can truthfully understand whom and what they actually are.

On 9 December 2016, the great independent war journalist, Eva Bartlett, addressed the U.N., representing only herself as an independent journalist who had been to Syria many times, not representing any of the war’s combatants. And here was her 19-minute presentation, which is stunning to watch, and which is 100% true (as I know it to be, on the basis of my own independent sources):

“Western media lies about Syria exposed (Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett)”

VIDEO, 19 mins., Eva Bartlett, 10 December 2016, U.N., NYC

That’s an archived youtube, not the original youtube, because youtube had forced its uploader/owner to remove it from each one of its postings at youtube:  FORCED OFF BY YOUTUBE  Saved in archive.  FORCED OFF BY YOUTUBE Saved in archive.  FORCED OFF BY YOUTUBE  Saved in archive.

The site’s owner explained, on 1 February 2023, that he had been forced by youtube to cancel his videos:; so, I several times archived his explanation, in case youtube will force that video (his explanation) to become removed, too:

(I have previously explained some of the techniques that the U.S. Government and its allies have employed in order to reduce the size of my own audience.)

There’s lots more about the U.N.’s knowledge that the U.S. Government has been hiring proxy-forces to destroy Syria unless the U.S. Government will succeed in placing the Saud family into control over Syria. And even when the U.N. was presented conclusive evidence that the U.S. had suborned perjury to declare Syria’s Government a violator of chemical-weapons bans, that evidence was simply ignored by U.N. officials.

And the war in Ukraine is at least as much lied-about by the U.S. Government and its colonies (colonies other than the post-2013 U.S.-coup-controlled Ukraine itself, which the U.S. Government is using as the main battleground for its war since 1945 to conquer Russia). And, of course, the U.S. Government is calling “fiction” American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh’s report on how the U.S. President Joe Biden ordered and (in coordination with Norway’s Government) blew up and destroyed the Nord Stream pipelines of Russian gas into Germany.

And, also, America’s entirely lie-based war against Iraq in 2003 was another example of the U.S. Government and its ‘news’-media constantly lying to and treating with unlimited contempt its own population.

There are so many other similar examples, such as the U.S. Government’s having signed to agreements with China’s Government that Taiwan is a part of China, versus the same U.S. Government sending weapons and troops to Taiwan in order to encourage that Chinese province’s local government to declare itself NOT to be a part of China.

There is apparently no limit to the absurdity and profusion of U.S. Government (and its ‘news’-media’s) lies, which are its war against the global public. This is how desperate they now are. Are they desperate enough to launch a nuclear war against Russia and/or China on the basis of their lies? That is the question.

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3 Responses to The U.S. empire is collapsing.

  1. WillD says:

    Collapsing empires, just like cornered animals, always lash out in desperate attempts to escape their predicament. The US is/will be no exception, and it poses a monumentally massive threat to the world – existential even.

    With the reckless deranged necons in Washington still in apparent control, the risk of a nuclear escalation grows every day as it becomes clear that Ukraine can’t possibly hold back the Russian advance.

    My guess is that it will probably take the form of a false flag event staged to blame on the Russians. The problem the US has is that the rest of the world simply would not accept the west’s accusations. They know enough about Russia by now to know that it doesn’t resort to desperate tactics, and particularly when it’s winning. Such an escalation would be the final nail in the coffin of the US’ credibility and trustworthiness. From then on, if there was still a ‘then on’, it would become an international pariah. But neocons aren’t known for their rational behaviour, so who knows what they might do?

    How Russia would respond, is anyone’s guess. Somehow I don’t think it would start throwing nukes at the US, although it might retaliate in some other form. It wouldn’t want to start WWIII. It knows how irrational and unstable the neocons and current president really are.

    • Yes, it seems the neocons see the writing on the wall and have already began lashing out. Unfortunately the extremist faction in positions of power behave as if a post-apocalyptic world is preferable to a multipolar one they don’t have complete control over.

      • WillD says:

        Seems as if the nuclear escalation has already begun. I’ve just been reading about the UK supplying depleted uranium armor-piercing tank rounds with the Challenger 2 tanks. Putin has warned the UK, but I doubt it is listening.

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