The Popular Myth of Democracy in America


By Stephen Lendman

Source: SteveLendmanBlog

No nation in world history promised more and delivered less to its citizens and people worldwide. None more greatly threatens world peace – putting humanity’s survival up for grabs like never before.

None did more harm to more people globally over a longer duration. None matches the menace it represents – a presstitute media supported fascist gangster state willing to risk destroying planet earth to own it, run by a bipartisan criminal class.

From inception, America was always run by the people who own it, as first Supreme Court Chief Justice John Jay explained.

John Adams believed power belonged exclusively to the rich, well-born and able. Today it’s about monied interests in charge – deciding who holds all top positions in government, elected and appointed.

People have no say whatever. Ignore electoral politics, intended solely to deceive – manipulating people to believe new bums are more worthy than current ones.

Voting is a waste of time, accomplishing nothing. Duopoly power rules.

America is a one-party state with two wings, indistinguishable from each other on issues mattering most – militantly pro-war, pro-business, anti-populist no matter what names and faces hold top positions.

Police state laws enforced by powerful security forces at the federal, state and local levels assure wealth and privilege interests are exclusively served at the expense of public welfare.

Elections are farcical, exercises in theater, not democracy. Candidates for the nation’s top offices are cardboard cutouts of each other, distinguishable only by their disingenuous rhetoric – promises made, forgotten and broken once in office.

The public interest be damned. People are used, not served, deceived to believe politicians represent them.

Embedded power runs America, politicians serving entrenched interests exclusively, chosen for that reason. Ordinary people thinking their enfranchisement matters are living in a fantasy world.

Government of, by and for the people is the grandest of grand hoaxes. Media scoundrels perpetuate the myth with all the familiar slogans and high-minded posturing.

Jimmy Carter was right last summer calling America an “oligarchy with unlimited political bribery…a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.”

Republicans and Democrats operate by the same corrupted standards. “(U)nlimited) money” serves their interests at the expense of constituents they represent.

America’s system is too debauched to fix. It’s too late for tinkering around the edges.

A complete makeover is needed – a popular revolution, replacing oligarchy with grassroots democracy for the first time in the nation’s history, freed from money control.

Today is the most perilous time in world history. We have a choice.

Accept the status quo, its endless wars, oligarch control over the greater good, unprecedented wealth disparity between rich and all others, along with harsh crackdowns on nonbelievers and risk of potential humanity destroying nuclear war – or refuse any longer to tolerate a system responsible for so much harm and misery to so many people worldwide.

Survival depends on choosing wisely. What kind of world do you want to live in? What kind do you want your children to inherit?


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at 

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5 Responses to The Popular Myth of Democracy in America

  1. Heather Awen says:

    Great explanation but nothing about how to right now do options. Not voting isn’t doing something. What does the author see as as a viable alternative? For regular people rigut now. And there is one major difference between the parties that men seem to.not care about, safe abortions. If it affected man’s life forever and also risk their life I suppose abortion would matter to male activists and anarchists but they can just abandon their children. Russell Brand said all of this too and then actually went out of his way to keep learning , I am shocked that his book revolution is so much more radical than half of the things the “people who know everything about the world ” know. It’s nice that someone is spreading the same old information that I’ve heard since I was a child but it would be even better if people started spreading the information about what the actual real dangers are and the strategies for those as well as how to build the infrastructure now before the capitalists have finished their militarized gated community . It actually freaks me out when Russell Brand is one of the most sane, well educated activists published . But that’s also very helpful since he’s the first person to say he has been the worst person and if he can learn things so can others , plus I respect the fact that he knows he has to get rid of his money and finds that very frightening and it mitts that but at the same time doesn’t want to do a futile gesture of charity which changes nothing . Reading a rich person struggle with how getting rid of their money can change the system as opposed to prop up the failing system is nice to hear because he’s absolutely correct .

    This article is really mainstream in the UK for instance because of Russell Brand and people blame him for why the conservative party got back into power , evidently he is that almighty that telling people not to vote made people not vote and look what happened in England . Now he regrets that which I like because it shows that he grows as a person and he seems to become more radical but also more realistic every step of the way .

    Also any criticism anyone can say about him he already knows he is a hypocrite and is open about it and also discusses the confusing feelings which makes reading political things by him actually have some compassion towards all of us who are struggling as opposed to someone holier than thou making us feel guilty .

    I never mention Russell Brand to people because I don’t think they’ve read revolution and I don’t think they understand how many people he actually can reach and has reached with all of the same messages but there is also an actual human factor that makes you not feel bad about yourself which other activists have not mastered .

    I don’t think that Americans will ever really get over the Coke versus Pepsi democracy that we have and I’m sure that’s linked to why so few people though because they might want freshwater or they might want vodka , in general it seems like most people just don’t trust any politicians so the few that get really worked up over elections are actually not the majority of the population. When you wake up in the newspapers say that Al Gore is president and then you go back outside three hours later and there is a new paper saying that George W. Bush is president , or when you watch people totally excited about Obama’s first election and thinking there will be change , I don’t think there are very many people who trust politicians at all. I had talked to someone maybe around age 30 and in college he and all of his friends worked really hard for Obama and they are all humiliated now. I’ve also heard so many generations say the baby boomers totally failed so why should they try . If you remember how Nader just split the “left” vote of us ensuring that the Republicans were in power , I don’t think any generation since Nixon has truly believed in a politician’s ability to put their welfare first. I am in the first-generation after Watergate , I vaguely remember seeing Ford on television and I remember my mother trying to find a gas station that had any gasoline and that we couldn’t eat grapes because of Cesar Chavez , it was so much more simple before the Internet told us that absolutely everything is corrupt and evil and bad to buy . It felt more manageable when you just went to your monthly Amnesty International letter writing party and bought food with other families in bulk , without being inundated with constant bad news you could get things done and not have that apathy destroying you .

    The only useful thing I’ve seen eco-psychology do is find out that if you tell people about the hopelessness of the environmental situation and the magnitude of how hard it is they will actually start consuming more out of anxiety . Consuming is a way of managing stress and the more stressed people are about consuming the more they actually start consuming .

    As activists this sort of information is invaluable if we want people to take action . Battering them with bad news keeps them down . It’s been proven . I noticed that the anti- vivisection association in the United States is incredibly smart about this and focuses completely on all of their successes which makes you feel happy and will give them money . Guilt and fear don’t work at all as motivators and anger only works if it has a loving direction to go or as a fuel it destroys itself , it eats itself .

    Keeping in mind the emotional psychological impact that giving information has and how it directly affects how people live I think people who write about new situations must study . The best place to learn this is online by googling storytelling. You will get endless websites about marketing and realize that all of the skills to psychologically make an impact on a person with 30 seconds of airtime have been mastered by advertising , the ultimate storytellers . The reason people will choose what they choose is because of the psychological promise , everyone knows the world is scary and in a very precarious situation and they will stick their head in the sand farther because they are being told that it’s hopeless because no one is talking about actual solutions real people with families and disabilities in poverty facing racism and sexism and homophobia can actually do .

    The media whether it is CNN or anarchist contributes to making sure the population is apathetic and perhaps psychologically dismayed enough to become more addicted to whatever their drug of choice is , from video games to heroin to gambling to online shopping.

    Anyway, this was a very Sucinto well-written article about how pointless so-called democracy is in a very black-and-white way that of course ignores the one political issue that directly affects women which is abortion so it is sexist but we women are used to mail activists not caring about our oppression or even thinking of it , just wanting pussy for being macho and having beat up a Nazi , but it doesn’t offer anything else. Anyone who says don’t vote, there is no difference between the political parties is a man I have noticed because every woman who is politically aware that I know really doesn’t want to have her life rest by a coathanger abortion or a very ignorant herbal one but no men seem to care about the risks women take with pregnancy and with giving birth and I haven’t seen activist man organizing day cares that they will run so the women can deal with the Nazis perhaps more effectively than a boot to the head .

    It’s naïve things like this that make me really sad as a woman activist where I want to turn and look every so-called nonsexist activist man in the eyes and say ” what have you done for me ever ?” If mail Actavis have to go beat up someone why not beat up rapist? Oh, because they would have to beat up their friends.

    • Thanks for sharing much food for thought. I agree articles such as this aren’t for everyone, as some may need increased awareness of the scope of problems while others are ready for solutions and alternatives. As for solutions, my view is that we need a variety of tactics from a diversity of groups and perspectives. While I understand the reasoning for deciding not to vote, I feel it does not take away from other efforts to do so, even if as a purely symbolic gesture or if it leads to real changes, as can be the case with local elections and initiatives. Even if ballots can be rigged and manipulated, it’s more difficult for them to do it convincingly with more people voting which can increase awareness of the corrupt nature of the system. As for people who choose not to participate in the voting process, I do hope they effect change in other ways such as through education, direct actions, personal development etc. As much criticism as Russell Brand and other “celebrity activists” may get, at least they’re trying, which is more than can be said of the majority of people with their level of media exposure.

      • Heather Awen says:

        I am frankly stunned by how how much information is in the book revolution that I haven’t found anywhere online except your blog . I’m really shocked by this major transformation of Russell Brand . He talks too far more radicals with solutions and democracy now and NPR combined . And the fact that he talks about what a horrible person he is and that if he can understand this stuff and be struggling with it on a much larger personal level then anybody can . He doesn’t say it’s a larger personal level but for someone who’s addiction is celebrity and he knows that is not fulfilling, it is really interesting to see someone with a lot of privilege who admits repeatedly in the book Hallatt the different changes would affect his life because of losing that privilege , I’ve never seen anyone who admits there in the 1% do so much honest processing of ” how can I truly affect any change when we know that giving to charity supports the system ?” So it’s an interesting read because everything he learns he then looks at his own life and sees how he has that privilege . And then he goes and finds people who know a lot more than most of us and asks them what the solutions would be .

        Literally he is the only person saying the same things that you are posting which makes me incredibly disappointed with anarchists and other activists who are still trying to reinvent the wheel of understanding white privilege . And very few people talk about the inner work that has to be done to support handling the magnitude of the problems that we are facing and heroin addicts are pretty good people to talk to about that I’ve learned from experience . How do you face the world sober ? Not many people can do it . Most of those who do just joined the system and never questioned anything and didn’t do any internal work about why they were addicts, just say that it’s a disease and to fill the disease with 12 step meetings and following a lot of rules without doing any interwork that would lead to the “personal is political ” leap . Sometimes I feel like the 12 step program has stolen some of the most brilliant revolutionaries I’ve ever met and kept their brains imprisoned with the constant repeated message that they will relapse if they think about anything that is not in the big blue book . The only people who I’ve seen stay activists once they got sober also did spiritual and psychological major growth and were able to link everything .

        I just still am completely floored by the fact that Russell Brand, Russell Brand, is far more educated and concerned about all of these very off the radar stories than your average member of something like deep green resistance . That should not be true .

        But maybe by being such a completely outrageous crazy person for so long and having a book deal , he is being used by some higher power, I honestly think that must be happening , because like he says he could just write booky wok 3. Somehow he has maintained public interest for all the wrong reasons long enough to actually sneak in some of the right reasons , the sort of things that you normally could never get heard . The book just depresses me because I can’t believe that the majority of people who are anarchists and go around telling everyone what to do and what all the problems are have never even heard of half the stuff .

        It sometimes freaks me out that you report on things that I’m reading in the book . I suppose he will be killed . He seems to be trying to sabotage being a celebrity as much as he can anyway , like he’s going to take himself down in flames .

        It is kind of like Charlie Sheen being the first white person who was famous to say they have are HIV-positive. If it was any other actor it wouldn’t make big news but because he’s been famous for years for being crazy , he was able to reach far more people and having his doctor there to explain it to was brilliant , it must’ve reached far more people than any get tested program .

        When these sorts of things happen , like I couldn’t figure out why Charlie Sheen was even in the news or what is all the news for years , it kind of makes sense now and makes me think there may actually be some divine plan after all . Who would’ve thought that the Kardashians would have been the people to bring a transgendered person to middle America television ? It’s not like they did the best job of any of this but at least that decade of Kardashians mania that I never understood seems to have had some sort of subversive purpose that may have helped someone .

        It’s interesting how celebrities often seem to get used for some other purpose than I would have expected from their vapid years of getting famous .

        I’m just rambling now but it seems really bizarre when these things do happen with people who are considered write offs .

        I appreciate what you say about voting. I’m so tired of very naïve and arrogant people saying don’t vote assuming that I am an idiot. And then when I explained why I vote they give me that look of hatred that only the newly converted zeolot can give you.

        Those are the people that you wonder if will be joking about their Bohemian past in 10 years anyway though . You have to see who stays through the long haul to see who really walks their talk. Recently my dictation had it say walks their cock and all the women were laughing and said that was the same thing . LOL .

        By the way I’ve been looking really hard for female anarchist blogs end from contacting different women I have learned that women don’t stay involved with anarchism , because it is not feminist and none of their problems are considered important so they just leave for feminism and have written Men off in general because anarchist men have written women oppression off. Evidently there is no place in anarchy for women unless no boys allowed . Over 50% of the worlds population is considered special needs . So sadly there is nothing unless it is not holding back , not handholding , not coddling the ego of men feminism anarchism that just doesn’t want to cater anymore to men’s “male guilt” defensiveness which makes men so angry that they can’t even hear what’s being said and they hate to see their privilege , since trying to work with men on these issues has not worked and because women are tired of being treated like second-class citizens by anarchist , they’ve left . I think occupy when the white man wouldn’t share the microphones and women were being raped but no one would create a safe space and people of colors that weren’t pink white went and did something else while the white men kept getting Boy Scout merit badges for going to jail something that only very privileged people can do , has just really made it obvious that a male white activist don’t have any interest in giving up their privileges or even knowledge in them .

        So I tried! But since men are so fragile and defensive in general about sexism and about having to lose privilege , women have just given up no matter what kind of language or voice they use to tiptoe around so the men don’t have their feelings hurt , the men tend to have their feelings hurt and when men hurt the only emotion they’ve been socialized to show is rage or condensation . That’s what men tell me .

        I hold out hope that there is a man out there who can see the hypocrisy and thinks that I am incredibly funny when I mock it .

        Like saying that I often said over 20 years ago, ever notice that sensitive men are only sensitive about their own feelings? Never met a woman that didn’t start roaring with laughter . As these creepy masochistic boys want to be my boyfriend because they hate man and therefore hate themselves ? Why the fuck would any self-respecting person want to be with someone who hates themselves ? I think it was just a way to try to get laid . And to not have to take accountability for anything they ever do because they are men so they suck. When they could become better quality men . Instead of just saying man suck , as if it’s just how nature makes men , these men could just be working on being more considerate and having more empathy and seeing things from the perspective of those who don’t have the same power .

        Evidently that is too much to ask for for there would actually be female anarchist who stay longer than two years . No wonder it’s so hard to find female friends in the world of anarchy , I don’t want to have to be just in the ghetto of female issues as if we are separate issues . Sexism affects everyone so why should only women be the ones dealing with it? I’ve already been through those years of only reading women writers , I did all that in my 20s like all of my friends , it’s hard to raise yourself up when your lover tries to keep you down . Since I’m the only one who didn’t have children and thus didn’t get trapped having to deal with a guy I guess I have a lot more freedom and having been married I know for sure I have a lot more freedom . But that’s really really sad and my friends who fight to get their child support from their anarchist ex-boyfriend who has decided that he needs to find himself at age 45 and start a new band and quit his job , why is that just a woman’s issue? It’s just too weird to me that if we substitute black man with anything where I could write women every white activist guy would be outraged about the problems and I think it’s because of racism , the combination of being afraid of African-American men because you never hear a white activist man talk about African-American women’s issues , and the totals racism we’ve had since at least the 60s that African-American men have more soul . Which is again incredibly racist . I think that’s why the indigenous men also get so much attention , when an activist says they care about indigenous issues and African-American issues if it is a man they almost only ever care about the issues that affect the men.

        And I’m seeing more and more why all of the women who understands systemic oppression of indigenous people and people who are not pink white are not working with men anymore .

        It’s really depressing that the oppression of women doesn’t even go on the radar . I had hoped that things have actually changed since the 1950s but they haven’t.

        And when women are successful in “boys clubs” like Hillary Clinton or Margaret Thatcher they have to be more of the worst “masculine” qualities than any man has to be to prove themselves . They have to be far more ruthless . That is the result of 1980s feminism . The result of riot girl is suicide girls pornography . Everything just gets co-opted into patriarchy .

        • Heather Awen says:

          None of this applies to all men of course , sadly the man I’ve met who understand this are all men who have been raped by men. Or who have “mental illnesses.” I have met quite a few men who were raped by heterosexual men in high school , gang raped by jocks calling them “fag” . Those men don’t like being in rooms with men screaming over each other with testosterone everywhere and support women a lot more but they tell me they can’t have any affect on other men because they are terrified of them and they see it all in the anarchist community men , it’s the same as when they were raped by the jocks. Or the ones who have “mental illnesses” are treated like they are not “real men” by the other guys because they cannot risk getting arrested and being put in a psych facility against their will , a much more difficult situation than going to jail . So the man who face other oppression , oh, and I haven’t even talked about the African-American and Hispanic men and Caribbean men and African man that I’ve met who just make fun of white anarchist guys and white activist guys who can play Solidarity games but are just mocked when not around because the white guys don’t have a clue about the issues and no one trusts that they won’t bail and use their invisible privilege , the main thing I hear when I ask about what they think of these white allies is ” they don’t know shit. But will use them , fuck why not?” It’s funny because I know women who talk that way about men but all of them are prostitutes or strippers .

          One thing that people who don’t have privilege have learned to do whether they’re African-American or a woman is to cater to the person who has privilege to covertly try to get our needs met because overtly scares the person with privilege so much . A woman who does that is a bitch who uses men, I used to say that and that they were holding back feminism by making men have a bad opinion of women and I now see that if men have a bad opinion of women it really was already there before some girl traded sex for having her rent paid or stealing the guy skateboard.

          So there are a lot of men aware of the hypocrisy but they are men who are not treated as equals the average white activist man who thinks that he is treating everyone as an equal. But in reality the rest of us are just going ” yes master, no master, you sure are smart, master , that’s mighty kind of you, master.”

          So the anarchist women that are sick of having to tiptoe around and try to get some covert power without enraging men who would been socialized to only respond with anger and have not worked on that personal issue where they can get in touch with other feelings , and our culture allows women to have every feeling but anger , nice little gender division there to make everyone crazy , they are just in feminism which completely bums me out because as I said I don’t want to be in a separated ghetto . And I use the word ghetto as it originally was meant which was a place where a community stayed and never left , it didn’t join with the rest of society .

          But when I see the rudeness of white able-bodied man towards there “mentally ill” or abused and raped by men male comrades , it makes me just cry because the leaders are still bullies and I am so sick of them wanting me to teach them to stop staring at my breasts as a way to try to fuck me. Just figure it out yourself, I’ve had guys pulling that on me and anarchist community since I was 13. And as I said then I’m not your mommy or your conscience, this is your fucking work.

          I’m happy I’m in my bubble sometimes LOL .

  2. sojourner says:

    Reblogged this on An Outsider's Sojourn II and commented:

    Read and remember what this article has to say, as you play out your mind-controlled, ignoramus part in the every four year farce that is, once again, taking place now!

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