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Saturday Matinee: Land of the Dead

“Land of the Dead” (2005) is writer/director George Romero’s fourth film in his “Night of the Living Dead” series and  is possibly the most underrated installment so far. The film offers a variety of new twists to the series such … Continue reading

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Fear of the Walking Dead: The American Police State Takes Aim

By John W. Whitehead Source: The Rutherford Institute “Fear is a primitive impulse, brainless as hunger, and because the aim of horror fiction is the production of the deepest kinds of fears, the genre tends to reinforce some remarkably uncivilized … Continue reading

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Now Streaming: The Plague Years

By A. S. Hamrah Source: The Baffler When things are very American, they are as American as apple pie. Except violence. H. Rap Brown said violence “is as American as cherry pie,” not apple pie. Brown’s maxim makes us see … Continue reading

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Zombie Apocalypse and the Politics of Artificial Scarcity

By Colin Jenkins Source: The Hampton Institute Dystopian narratives have long been an alluring and thought-provoking form of entertainment, especially for those who take an interest in studying social and political structures. From classics like Nineteen Eighty-Four and Brave New … Continue reading

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Saturday Matinee: The Return of the Living Dead

  “The Return of the Living Dead” (1985) was written and directed by Dan O’Bannon (writer of “Dark Star” and “Alien”), and remains among the all-time horror/comedy classics. Unlike typical zombie film scenarios, this one is set off by bumbling … Continue reading

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