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How Tommy Chong Beat Cancer with Homegrown Cannabis Medicine

By Alex Pietrowski Source: Waking Times As the movement for the liberation of cannabis gains momentum, and attitudes toward this relaxing and healing plant evolve, we are witnessing an explosion in innovation around how cannabis is used, both as a … Continue reading

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Consciousness & The Art of Loving Our Experience

By Phil Watt Source: Waking Times The usual tendency in our modern secular thinking is to view the outer world as separate from ourselves, but really it is just a partial reflection of what we fundamentally are. Objective reality is … Continue reading

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Americans Saying No to Water Fluoridation: 5 Fluoride-Free Victories in 2014

The issue of water fluoridation has long been a divisive one, creating a split between those who blindly trust government and those who question authority and research government claims independently. Those on the government’s side of the issue have plenty … Continue reading

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At the Point of No Return

By Julian Rose for Waking Times The wrong people are in charge… that’s pretty obvious. But what is not so obvious is how they got there? And once having found an open gate, why have we left them to graze … Continue reading

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