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Decentralization and the Future World Order – Part I: The Revolution Is On

Source: Thought Infection A technological revolution is underway. An array of technologies are being developed that aim to do nothing less than disrupt the deepest fabric of the current world order. In a world where trust is power, decentralization steals the power from … Continue reading

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It’s Time to Start Believing Again – Why Basic Income Could and Should be the Next Global Political Movement

Source: Thought Infection Things change slowly and then all at once.  If there is one great consistency about change in the 21st century, it is that things seem to change almost imperceptibly right up until they become inevitable. Many good examples … Continue reading

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The Science (and Mystery) of Sleep

Given the widespread use of technology and stresses caused by economic instability, it’s no surprise that more than one out of three adults in America today get less than seven hours of sleep a night and 38% reported unintentionally falling … Continue reading

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The Existential Threat of Algorithmic Trading

Most of us are well aware of the problem of human labor being displaced by technology. The Thought Infection blog recently posted an informative overview of how even jobs we might not immediately think of as being at risk of … Continue reading

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Swiss to Vote on Basic Income for All

Switzerland is one of the world’s wealthiest countries per capita, and also one of the most democratic. It’s the only European country with true direct democracy in which all citizens have to do is gather 100,000 signatures calling for a … Continue reading

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