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New Study Reveals Why Cannabis is Still Illegal, Legal Pot DESTROYS Big Pharma Profits

As more and more people drop prescription drugs for medical cannabis, reports like this explain why Big Pharma is scrambling to keep prohibition in place. It also explains why the DEA has such close ties to the pharmaceutical industry. By … Continue reading

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The War On Consciousness

By Graham Hancock Source: Body Mind Soul Spirit We are told that the “War on Drugs” is being waged, on our behalf, by our governments and their armed bureaucracies and police forces, to save us from ourselves. “Potential for abuse … Continue reading

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5 Myths About Marijuana–Debunked

The more research is released, the more legalization makes sense. By Owen Poindexter Source: Alternet Back in the 1930s, the arguments to criminalize cannabis were bizarre and openly racist. The anti-pot crusader Harry Anslinger made all sorts of over-the-top claims, … Continue reading

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About the History of Marijuana

By Keri Blakinger Source: Waking Times Fancy yourself a connoisseur of all things weed? Then see whether this trip from ancient China to modern Alaska takes you anywhere unexpected. What do Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Maya Angelou and … Continue reading

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Why It’s Worth Paying More for Legal Pot

By Dominic Holden Source: The Stranger I bought a bag of marijuana today at Cannabis City, Seattle’s first legal retail pot store, just after they opened at noon. (Surprisingly for a pot store, they opened on time.) It was a … Continue reading

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A How-To Guide to Eating Weed Edibles, in Response to Maureen Dowd’s Marijuana Meltdown

By Ryan Nerz Source: Fusion.net Ten sentences in to New York Times, columnist Maureen Dowd’s piece about trying marijuana edibles in Colorado (while admittedly cackling out loud), my sense of responsibility as a journalist and cannabis connoisseur kicked in. This … Continue reading

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A Green Beacon of Hope

Aesliip shares some of his adventures at the first Seattle Cannabis Cup at the Weedist. The event is organized by High Times magazine and is sort of a trade show for cannabis growers and medical dispensaries as well as a … Continue reading

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