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We Still Want Everything: The Politicisation of Anti-work

By Hans Rollman Source: PopMatters If there is such a thing as a ‘revolutionary novel,’ Nanni Balestrini’s We Want Everything is as good an example as any. The novel, first published in Italy in 1971, recounts in dramatic narrative form … Continue reading

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Rent Strikes: ‘together we can defeat the housing market’

By Matt Broomfield Source: RoarMag.org As they revive a long-dormant form of protest, rent strikers in London and San Francisco must learn lessons from the great strikes of the 20th century. When you can no longer afford to pay your … Continue reading

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May Day

May Day has a long history of being a culturally significant day for a number of reasons. In ancient Europe it was a time of Pagan festivities celebrating the first day of summer. It’s the day the Illuminati was founded … Continue reading

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