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Peace is a Cliché: When the West cannot Control the World Unopposed it Means War

Dedicated to my friend, a philosopher, John Cobb, Jr. By Andre Vltchek Source: Dissident Voice The West likes to think of itself as a truly “peace-loving part of the world”. But is it? You hear it everywhere, from Europe to … Continue reading

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Unanswered Questions About Raids in Libya and Somalia

Today marks the 12th anniversary of the Invasion of Afghanistan, so perhaps it’s no coincidence that there happens to be many news reports about two raids against alleged terrorists which took place over the weekend. The raid getting more attention … Continue reading

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Geopolitical Motives Behind Kenya Mass Shooting

Western corporate news has predictably portrayed the recent massacre in Kenya as a senseless terrorist attack by “Muslim fanatics” of Al Shabaab, a Somalian Al Qaeda franchise. If their motive was solely religious, perpetrating a large-scale slaughter drawing international condemnation … Continue reading

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