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Yes, Election Fraud is Real. And its a Longstanding Tradition on Both Sides of the Aisle

As allegations of election fraud continue to swirl almost two weeks since the 2020 election, the contours of a galvanized bipartisan ruling class in America are beginning to emerge in the wake of democracy’s demise By Raul Diego Source: Mint … Continue reading

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Distrust of 2016’s Hackable Election Is a Media Landslide With Just One Solution: Hand-counted Paper Ballots

By Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman Source: FreePress.org Finally, the major for-profit media is approaching consensus that it’s easy to hack U.S. political elections. Even candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are raising unprecedented doubts – from very different directions … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Leaked FBI Alert Admits Hackers Penetrated US Election Systems

By Matt Agorist Source: The Free Thought Project On Monday, an official FBI alert from August 18 was leaked to Yahoo News. The alert stated the FBI had uncovered evidence showing that at least two state election systems were penetrated … Continue reading

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Why Can’t The Nation and the Left Deal With Election Theft?

By Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman Source: Reader Supported News here are two things we all need to know about the upcoming 2016 election: Millions of likely Democratic voters have already been stripped from the voter rolls in critical states … Continue reading

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