Fox News Decision to settle Dominion lawsuit for more than three-quarters of a billion dollars makes no sense

By Paul Craig Roberts


Something fishy here.  

First, corporate executives don’t give away $787 million of shareholders’ money without a test of the claim in court.  The uncontested amount is so large that one wonders if Fox News itself paid it or whether this almost $800 million was a gift funneled through an uncontested lawsuit to fund Dominion by our ruling elites. Once elections are determined by how voting machines are programmed, the people are disenfranchised.

Second, it is not defamation to report the news.  Tucker Carlson reported the claims of experts.  That is news reporting.  Dominion’s defamation lawsuit should have been filed against the experts.  It wasn’t, because the experts had the evidence.

Third, Experts supplied evidence that the Dominion voting machines could be programmed to count votes differently from how the votes were cast; experts supplied evidence that the machines could be hacked; experts supplied evidence that the voting machines were connected to the Internet.  Fox News could have called these experts as expert witnesses. By agreeing to settle, Fox News refused the evidence its day in court.  Why?

A possible explanation is that Fox News, voluntarily or involuntarily, participated in an orchestration that established the precedent that reporting news different from the narrative, or news that is unfavorable to a person, company, or government institution, is defamation.  Think about what this means.  A prosecutor who charges a person with a crime has defamed the person.  Truth becomes unreportable. Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh could be charged for defamation, and for being a Russian agent, for reporting that the US government destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline. 

When we see the few truth-tellers who are the stars of their organizations jettisoned–Tucker Carlson from Fox News, Matt Taibbi from Rolling Stone, Glenn Greenwald from The Intercept, James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, President Trump charged under a non-existent law, and Wikileaks’ Julian Assange imprisoned for a decade without due process, we must face the fact that there is an organized conspiracy to suppress truth.  We are experiencing the completion of The Matrix in which expressed doubt or even unspoken suspicion of official narratives are criminal offenses.  

Truth-tellers receive almost nonexistent support.  The inescapable conclusion is that in the Western world truth has no future.

Tyranny is upon us.

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4 Responses to Fox News Decision to settle Dominion lawsuit for more than three-quarters of a billion dollars makes no sense

  1. WillD says:

    We are becoming just like those authoritarian countries we criticize so much. The gap is narrowing quickly.

    • I’ve noticed that as well. Some think this tendency is due to projection, which in the field of psychology is to unconsciously take unwanted emotions or traits you don’t like about yourself and attributing them to someone else. There may be something to that theory, though for sociopaths in power it’s done intentionally for propaganda purposes.

      • WillD says:

        I’m very familiar with projection and how it works. I think there are some objective realities which can’t easily be dismissed as projection, such as censorship and restrictions of basic freedoms and rights, a noticeable reduction of representation by elected officials, and mainstream media becoming the government mouthpiece and abandoning its role of holding government to account.

        • That’s true too, and in some cases it may be fascism coming home to roost. Such policies have been the norm for puppet dictators US government have propped up in other countries such as Somoza, Batista, Pinochet, Noriega, Zelensky, etc. Interestingly, the accelerating political decline coincides with increasing economic decline (for average citizens).

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