America Condemns One Violent Mob While Celebrating Another

Tear gas being deployed outside the Capitol on January 6 as Trump supporters stormed the building. [Tyler Merbler / CC BY 2.0]

Where is the corporate media’s disgust for the courtesans of corporate destruction that wreak violence on Americans daily?

By Lee Camp


Most rational Americans have correctly criticized and denounced the violent insurrection in the Capitol last week. Those moments of attack by a racist, disgusting mob have not lacked for condemnation and denunciation. They were violent. They were reprehensible. They called for the killing of lawmakers, demanded the hanging of Congress members. The liberal media and even most of Fox News have not held their tongues when it comes to excoriating the morally bankrupt people who took part. And I agree with those thoughts.

BUT – why don’t we see an equal amount of disgust and condemnation for the violence done by our ruling class, the courtesans of corporate destruction?

Is allowing people to die or fall ill due to lead pipes in Flint, Chicago, Pittsburgh, and hundreds of other cities not violence?

Is allowing citizens to lose their lives to cancer from Teflon™ chemicals dumped in their water or preventable oil spills not violence?

Is allowing tens of thousands to die of preventable illnesses from our garbage healthcare system not violence?

Is allowing 15 million to lose their healthcare during a pandemic and therefore fear going to the hospital when they get sick not violence?

Is imprisoning millions of people for years for non-violent crimes not violence?

Is locking up political prisoners like Steven DonzigerMumia Abu-JamalReverend Pinkney, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Leonard Peltier not violence??

Is dropping a bomb every 12 minutes on innocent people in countries thousands of miles away not violence??

Is allowing millions in this country to go hungry while we throw out 40% of all food not violence?

Is arresting people who try to feed those who are starving not violence?

Is allowing hundreds of thousands to go homeless, living under bridges or on benches or squatting in collapsing structures while this country has trillions of dollars and millions of empty houses —is that not violence?

Is arresting, beating, and persecuting those who try to give those people houses not violence? And bulldozing the homes — is that not violence?

Is causing the sixth great extinction, the mass death of half the world’s wildlife, in pursuit of corporate profit not violence?

Is causing the deaths of tens of thousands of Venezuelans via economic warfare not violence?

Is creating an opioid epidemic by pushing pills on desperate people, ultimately leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands not violence?

And then arresting those who stand up and fight back against the pollutionagainst the pipelinesagainst the factory farmingagainst the war industry —IS—THAT—NOT—VIOLENCE?

Of course it is.

It’s violence on a breathtaking scale, far greater than what was done at the Capitol and far greater than any of us will witness in person. And yet large scale corporate-endorsed violence, death and destruction is not only allowable, it’s celebrated, it’s furthered, and promoted. Oil company documents show that they tell cities that oil spills are good for the economy. Other documents show that fossil fuel companies have known about the harm climate change would do since the 1970’s, but they simply saw it as the price of doing business. Corporate sacrifice zones like “Cancer Alley” in Louisiana are well known to be deadly to those who live there, yet it doesn’t matter to the corporations because their money will be green nonetheless. It doesn’t matter to the politicians because the poor who live in these sacrifice zones have no political power. The 40% of food that’s thrown out is not a secret. The subsidies paid to factory farms encourage them to produce heaping mountains of food and dairy and meat even if they can’t sell it all in our market economy. So they throw it out or bury it. Giving it to those in need would take too much time and effort.

Should the racist violent insurrectionists at the Capitol be punished? Absolutely. But so too should the bought-off politicians who do the bidding of our morally bankrupt corporate America. These politicians and the CEOs they serve are purveyors of violence. They trade in, produce, and reap violence. They sit on hordes of money—the obscene profit from feeding American lives into the death cult of unfettered capitalism.

Our mainstream media are blanketing the airwaves with talk of how the violent insurrectionists must be punished, and while they are not wrong, the criminal behavior those same talking heads and “reporters” ignore speaks volumes. All violence is not equal. Some of it is profitable and protected. Some of it is the American way.

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3 Responses to America Condemns One Violent Mob While Celebrating Another

  1. WasteMaker says:

    When an organism is facing harm, the natural response is to activate the defense mechanisms. Fortunately for your body, the left-wing and right-wing leukocytes don’t sit there and virtue signal each other while disparaging the other. They just get to work, which is why the human body will get over Covid long before society does.

    In a year that found many people short of breath, Q was a breath of fresh air. Say what you want about the details, they’re 100% correct. Who cares if Hillary and Pedo Joe are lizard people who harvest adrenochrome from poor little kiddos? Who cares if that’s real, because… THEY ARE CORRUPT. THEIR ACTIONS RESULT IN THE DEATHS OF INNOCENTS. THEIR EXISTENCE SUPPORTS A DIVIDED WORLD WHERE AVERAGE PEOPLE BEAR THE BRUNT OF THE DEATH.

    You know when you left-wingers were doubling-down on science and other Enlightenment-era misdirections, you know what you forgot? You forgot to add basic literature classes to your gen eds. In spite of all progress you’ve made supporting a science-based, Godless world, you seem to completely forget that humans absolutely need myth to make sense of existence.

    Your fact-checking will always be boring in the light of lizard people, namely because you are humanizing evil. By suggesting that evil is simply a part of human nature, able to be eradicated with enough lab work, instead of an invasive, Satanic force, is an argument that simply will not fly with the majority of people. Too many of us won’t deny our spiritual nature.

    I think when left-wingers call for the punishment of the insurrectionists, it’s merely the left-wing being mad at the fact that they’re so impotent. To those of us who are capable of thinking beyond the left wing-right wing spectrum, the BLM riots and Capitol insurrection are simply two leukocytes. The organism that is society is doing what it needs to do in the face of threats.

  2. Mostly peaceful. Vandalism and trespassing doesn’t make an insurrection. One of the unarmed trespassers was shot to death by the security apparatus of the latter group of corporatists railed against in this post. And I doubt the Jan 6th protesters at the capitol were motivated by racism. The Jan 6 protest was riotous. But so was a large number of BLM protests this summer not to mention anti government activities in the North West. Without historical context observations of current events easily turn absurd. Especially when the observations are peppered with blatant mischaracterizations.

    • Dissenting meme maker arrested by domestic intelligence.
      Razor wire around the seat of government supported by armed troops to prevent a feared counter coup.
      Ongoing house arrest and forced business closures for a majority of citizens.
      Not authoritarian at all.
      Now, whose undermining democracy again?
      Wake up to the New World Order.

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