Saturday Matinee: Happiness (Short Film)

Happiness – by Steve Cutts

Can we buy happiness? Are we really trapped? An economic textbook about our contemporary society

By Chiara Pascali

Source: GoodShortFilms

Try to google the word Happiness, the first (sponsored) result of your search will be Happiness can be bought. This is a plus point for the British animator and artist Steve Cutts, director of the short film Happiness.

Cutts imagines humanity as a horde of rats, adored by the marketing god, bewitched by Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. Loose cannon looking for the last offer. Happiness is the penny that is always missing at the prices of super discount products.  Happiness is a commodity exchange of the new capitalism.

Happiness, by definition, is the moment in which all one’s desires are satisfied, but humanity always wants more. Like so many rats, we are looking for compulsive crumbs of happiness. Producers sow these crumbs on online and offline advertisements.

There are products that answer any type of question, even for the inability to endure frustration of being constantly dissatisfied.

This limitless race is rendered in an excellent way by the images of Happiness, full of details and oversized information. Chaos. Steve Cutts describes the irrepressible frenzy of modern society, the compulsive and often illogical search to possess new objects, and lastly, the money, motor that moves the world.

Happiness is a short economic textbook and an explicit critique of contemporary society. The final question does not spare anyone – are we trapped?

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