The Highest Path into the Light


By rahkyt

Source: Sacred Space in Time

Sometimes you can feel bad things brewing behind the scenes. Just like dark clouds on the horizon portend a storm, feelings of unease can alert you to negative energy being directed your way.

It could be a general roiling of the collective psychic pond, or it can be something quite specific and directed at you and your life. Determining the difference can usually be assayed by a renewed attention to the synchronicities in your life that arise as auspicious clues to the general energetic tenor of particular periods of life transit.

It is a truism in life that there is balance in polarity. That good will eventually balance out evil in disparate realms of expression. As attention and will focuses on a singular expression of either, it’s opposition rises as a natural consequence of that quantum attention. Entanglement and superposition promise that.

As above, so below, according to hermetic principles. The universe is Mind, Vibrates and has Rhythm and Gender, must express Polarity and every Cause has an Effect. The individual life can mirror the collective in myriad ways. Haters, reading your Facebook feed with derision, spewing negativity at your attempts to live in the Light. Racist and prejudiced minions of all colors hating on interracial unions or people of other ethnicities proclaiming the Oneness of all humanity. Political enemies filled with enmity at your decision to take a stance, or not.

Your, our, choices birth consequences.  Our words, help – or force – others to formulate theirs. There can be a thin line between love and hate, folks. But hate is not the opposite of love, as so many espouse. Love has no opposition, it is God. Or, the fundamental, driving force and energy that drives Creation itself.

Rather, hate is the name we give to that simmering force of seperation and judgement. That energetic wall built within that defines the distance individuals and collectives insert between themselves and that holistic, all-encompassing fullness and heart’s resonation that indicates the presence of the abiding consciousness and the clarity of your, our, vessels, in their infinite expressiveness of the many faces of Divinity.

So when you feel those bad things, sense or hear tell of the haters behind the scenes, sending you ugliness and wishing you pain while writhing internally in their own self-inflicted hellish versions of reality, try to smile. Consciously relax the tightness in your solar plexus that being the subject of aggression gives rise to. Raise your brow, lift your cheeks and part your lips to reveal those pearly whites, thereby releasing the full brilliance of your inner truth into your experience of the world.

Breath in that negative energy; feel it in all of its visceral fear and loathing, then – again consciously – birth oppositional feelings of love, compassion and understanding in your truest heart of hearts. Breath it out in a cloud of intention and release that personalized expression of the Infinite and the Eternal that girds the loins of all open to it into the world. Thusly, we become one of those who wear the full armor of God and know that no weapon formed against me, or you, shall prosper.

Let the haters hate, because that well will run dry, eventually. But the lovers? We drink from a never-ending and ever-flowing spring that nourishes us continually as we traverse the shadowy dales and sunlit hills, ever searching for the Highest Path into the Light.


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