Polarity and the Genetic Cellular Database


By rahkyt

Source: Sacred Space in Time

We are not alone in this world. None of us. We are alone in this world. All of us. We are connected to each other. All of us. We are not connected to each other. None of us.

Each statement is true. Each is also, false.

This is the expression of polarity and has to do with perspective and scope. Where we each come from in engaging an issue. I cannot gauge your perspective nor can you gauge mine from a few simple conversations. It takes exploration at depth to truly understand where another is coming from.

We are each the sum total of our genetic cellular database. That is the collective totality of experience as encoded in our genes through the entirety of not only human history but all history of life. To make this idea relatable, consider your most recent ancestors. They are there. Here. With me. With you. Here. Now. Connected because they are a part of us. Their traumas and challenges are there. Here. Their joys and happiness are there. Here. Their sins and their transcendent impulses are there. Here.

Out thoughts are not all our own. We are collectives. Within us are smaller biological collectives with their own needs. Viruses and bacteria that have colonized different parts of our bodies and that communicate with us with electrical impulses that we interpret as imagery and claim as our own. Our sense of danger is often heavily influenced by these colonies as they react to perceived danger and thrill us in order to save themselves.

We are planets and universes unto ourselves.  Orbiting each other, pulled in by gravitational perturbations, repelled and attracted by magnetic flows of interpersonal energy. Our connections are quantum-based and sublime, mysterious and etheric energetics bind us in space, time and beyond. Consideration of this reality opens up fields of infinite potentiality and boundless creativity.

Reconciling these databases is one of the jobs of material incarnation. Equalizing the individual and the collective. Working through imbalances imprinted into genomes across centuries. Making the choices that our ancestors did not. Or reinforcing them with our own. Influencing our families, friends, communities and nations in manners most expressive of our internal, spiritual barometers.

Following our paths – regardless of whether they be dark or light – and manifesting our individual fate in the context of our collective destiny. All choices are valid. All happenings are “meant-to-be”.

All manifestations are necessary.

This reality offends the sensibilities of most but it is the world we live in. By dint of infinite human creativity we build material realities that attempt to modify or sublimate natural law in favor of human desire. Then we moan and complain when these institutions and mores are determined to be rife with corruption. In the attempt to create ‘more perfect unions’ it is forgotten that union within leads to union without. That until the inner landscape – the genetic cellular database – is reconciled, the outer landscape will remain chaotic and corrupt.

We are not our bodies. All of us. We are our bodies. None of us. We live for ourselves. None of us. We live for others. All of us.

Each statement is false. Each is also, true.

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