Democracy Is Dead


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From the west to the east, and the south to the north of our global horizon, it is the same tableau: the horrendous killing fields of disaster capitalism where its cohorts of 18-wheelers, heavy road machinery and police patrol cars roam the landscape continuously and are turning us and the better principles of our humanity into countless road kills. Hell on Earth is to be our common fate, and we might have already reached a point of no return. The corporate hyenas and political vultures that generally constitute the global elite are joyfully feeding on the carcasses of justice and morality; rationality and empathy; common sense and the notion of public good; sound governance without corruption and equality before the law; and last but not least, freedom and fair governance through democracy.

Comparing this small group of depraved elite sociopaths, with not a trace of compassion or even consciousness to the scavengers of the natural world, is actually unfair to vultures and hyenas. Scavengers in nature have an important function in the ecosystem for their role of recycling waste. On the other hand, the few thousand rulers of global corporate imperialism are parasites weakening our common life force. If vultures are the useful garbage collectors of the natural world, the corrupt rulers of globalization are tics and leeches gorging on our blood. The British exit vote from the European Union, known as Brexit, has to be understood in the context of rejection of globalization. The global corporate world order has only worked for its masters but certainly not for the vast majority of the people, who are becoming the serfs of a new feudalism.

Calling the vote in favor of Brexit xenophobic doesn’t address the issues at stake. Cheap labor coming from Eastern Europe has served the interests of corporations and the rich very well, but it has had a negative impact on the welfare of British-born workers. This problem is general across the EU. The purpose of the EU was never to be a capitalist paradise where a free circulation of people, money, goods, and services would cater to the needs of multinational corporations, and where people ultimately would be uprooted to become the slaves of the so-called free market. The EU project was not centered on economic considerations but instead on cultural and social-value notions. It was a way out of the nightmare eras of World War I and World War II for founding members France and Germany. The formation of the EU was about a resolute rejection of war to embrace lasting peace. Other countries might follow the British people in their intention of leaving supra-national entities such as the EU. Paradoxically, the United Kingdom itself might disintegrate with the independence of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Globalists of all stripes are calling this nationalist revival narrow-minded and obscurantist. Their leading argument is that global problems such as climate change, overpopulation, and poverty require institutions with global authority. But what they should keep in mind is that those various supra-national institutions or entities, which started with stated good intentions, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), not only have failed to solve any global problems but have, by their corrupt nature made them worse. In the case of the supra-national North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), there is no pretense of being a do-gooder. The armed fist of the Orwellian empire is in the business of globalization of war with decisions made in Washington, DC.  In Orwellian times, many supra-national organizations behave like corporations under humanitarian pretenses, when they are in fact parasitic organisms depleting our strength. Meanwhile, no one represents We The People at all. In the world of humanitarianism for profit, public servants have vanished and been replaced by corrupt incompetent groups operating like crime families.

All members of the fake left advocate that the system must be changed progressively from within and that a collapse would be mainly a disaster for the poor and weak. This notion is as valid as to claim that a building destroyed by an earthquake is in need of some fresh window dressing. Regardless of the global elite’s arrogance, a systemic collapse is on its way and will exponentially take hold of the planet within two or three decades. The super-rich will eventually have nowhere to run or hide, and no private armies to protect them from the wrath of nature. Forcefully resisting the brand of globalization imposed on us by the thugs and slave drivers of disaster capitalism is a moral obligation all world citizens should embrace. When people in power live in the castle of their own lies, it is time to dismantle the fortress. When governance has lost all moral ground and reason, it is time to call for a revolution.

If, as human beings, we could understand that We The People should be all of us, regardless of geographic location, then perhaps the concept of globalization would serve a purpose and be beneficial. No workers in Europe and the United States should tolerate that people in places like Haiti, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Honduras be paid slave wages; otherwise, down the line they will either lose their jobs or be exploited by the same corporations. Under the globalization of the plantation owners, the people are living in chains. Once upon a time, words like freedom, liberty, and democracy had meaning. They have largely been gutted out and are just empty shells, ghosts in a play of smoke and mirrors animated by the sinister masters of ceremony of the universal rat race. A first necessary step to take would be for all people still able to exercise free will and critical thinking to understand that what government and political representation has become is precisely the opposite of democracy. Voting under these kinds of circumstances is as delusional as giving substance to the figments of our own imaginations. When democracy is dead, it is time to boycott elections.


Gilbert Mercier is the author of The Orwellian Empire.

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8 Responses to Democracy Is Dead

  1. Loved this article very educational and thought provoking. Humans have a bigger issue than politics; we are battling ourselves.

    • That’s a succinct but accurate assessment. Humanity (misled by corporate psychopaths and generations of increasingly corrupt “lesser evil” politicians) have plundered and polluted the earth to the breaking point, which in a sense is also an attack on future generations. At the same time nations battle eachother for dwindling supplies of the cheap energy which makes the destructive system possible.

  2. Heather Awen says:

    Hi, I’ve nominated your blog for the Versatile Blog Award. Please see my blog. Cheers!

  3. Peter Schreiner says:

    The article is valid, in and of itself, and like most articles like this, I find them interesting and stimulating. We (yes, me too) find comfort in blaming isms and -ocracies for our woes. Or just about anything else for that matter. However, these things aren’t inherently evil; they’re just concepts.

    Our problem is the human race. We are the problem. We have been a thorn in our side since Home sapiens first came out of Southern Africa 144,000 years ago, give or take. And until we address ourselves as the problem, we’re just chasing our tails and pointing fingers.

    Thank you, Luther.


  4. astyages says:

    I liked and ‘reblogged’ this post; hope you don’t mind… educational purposes. 🙂

    I started using ‘We the People’ in a global sense (quite unconsciously, though very frequently! At least as often as I use it to refer specifically to ‘We the People’ of the USA) at least a couple of years ago! Nice to know there are at least some awake people out there with the right idea.

    I live in Oz but the trouble in the USA and the Middle-East are so close to my thoughts, they occupy almost my every waking moment because a) I have too much time on my hands and b) it’s really a matter of ‘life and death’ for our whole species, because whatever survives WWIII will NOT be Human! I’ve already called the probable survivors – the bunker dwellers – ‘Morlocks’ even before they go underground! (HG Wells, of course, wrote about the Morlocks as being what they had evolved into after they’d lived underground for centuries; but this lot are at least as monstrous as the Morlocks already; a cannibalistic society which feeds on the suffering of the rest of the world! Only their real name is Zionists!)

    ‘We the People’ OF THE WORLD need to be united against the Zionist NWO bloodsuckers if we’re going to have even a snowflake’s chance in Hell of surviving this century! Or even the next couple of decades! But PLEASE be very wary of religious leaders (‘Shepherds’, I call ’em!) they are out to fleece and/or sacrifice you; especially those who have the C103 (?) rating… these are not ‘shepherds’ but ‘judas goats’! They will lead you to the FEMA camps!

  5. astyages says:

    Reblogged this on An Atheist in Adelaide and commented:

    Yes… time to boycott elections! And a Global version of a National Strike might drive home the point… if only such a thing could be coordinated.

  6. “All members of the fake left advocate that the system must be changed progressively from within and that a collapse would be mainly a disaster for the poor and weak. This notion is as valid as to claim that a building destroyed by an earthquake is in need of some fresh window dressing.”
    ~ The writer’s metaphor brings home clearly the futility of Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

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