Saturday Matinee: Immortal (aka Immortel, ad vitam)

hqdefault“Immortal” (2004) is a French-produced live-action/animated feature directed by Enki Bilal and based on his graphic novel The Carnival of Immortals. It was one of the first major films (along with Casshern and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) to be shot entirely with a digital backdrop, blending live actors with computer generated surroundings.

The film takes place in New York City circa 2095 where genetically altered humans mingle with unaltered men and women and Central Park has been mysteriously encased in an energy field which kills people who attempt to enter. A strange pyramid has appeared over the city in which Egyptian gods decide Horus must end his immortality. Before dying, Horus, while searching for a host body with which to procreate and continue his bloodline, also finds potential demi-god Jill.


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